What is Cross Communication?

Cross communication consists of systematically managing consistency between culture and communication.

Is to align both, internal and institutional communication, in order to build a unique and powerful identity that achieves great results.

It’s to have a strategy that generates positive transformations throughout the entire organization.

We are not just corporate communication consultants.

We make changes happen through our commitment and an end-to-end service.

A multidisciplinary team that makes systemic transformations.

Communicators, graphic designers, industrialists, digital specialists, film directors, sociologists, anthropologists, philosophers, advertising creatives, physicists, mathematicians, economists, teachers, artists, and other passionate professionals, with extensive experience and proven results.

Diversity is our strength

We were born in the 20th century, and we grew up in the 21st century.
Many of us have extensive market experience, others are natives of the digital world.
Some of us are Latinos, others are Americans. We are 70% women.
Together, we create a more sustainable world, with better communication and teamwork.

Our purpose is to inspire conversations that generate healthier, more productive and happier organizations.
We know how to do it. We love this. It shows.