Gone are the days of unidirectional, single-channel, top-down Communication. Internal Communication has a new protagonist: the employees. And we'll tell you why.

A revolution that is here to stay

If there is one area that the COVID-19 pandemic radically transformed, it is undoubtedly Internal Communication.

The need to keep the teams informed from a distance and maintain the organizational culture, when before it was breathed daily in the office, had a positive and accelerated impact, establishing a real transformation.

These were difficult times because, in addition, it was necessary to have a cautious strategy to meet the needs and requirements of the teams in general and of the people in particular.

It was also necessary to plan on the go since changes were happening minute by minute.

This transformation at the end of the tunnel saw the light. And everything new is here to stay and move forward.

From the tie to the surf shirt

New digital channels required the development of new formats, more similar to the native forms of digital marketing.

New formats enhanced by the imperative need for everyone to be communicated allowed employees themselves to be the creators, generators, and senders of the messages.

This new form of Internal Communication not only had a positive impact on the organization but also correlated with business performance.

Thus, according to a study published at the end of the first year of the pandemic, in December 2020, by the European Journal of Business and Management Research: “corporate communication has a significant impact on the level of employee performance.”

Six reasons why employees became the IC protagonists

This new way of planning and implementing internal Communication has specific characteristics:

  1.  Everyone is involved. Each employee, regardless of hierarchies, is aligned, informed almost instantly, and can share achievements, progress, and projects.

  2.  IC is now multichannel or omnichannel. Having multiple channels for employee communication can bring several benefits to your company. And this benefits everyone and the business. 

  3.  It is mobile and available on personal devices—Internal Communication in just one click. Access to employees’ mobile devices helps improve organizational communication effectiveness and efficiency.

  4.  Creates a real dialogue. Invites participation and collaboration and improves inter- and intra-area Communication. 

  5. It is instantaneous; hence it improves responsiveness.

  6.  Tells a story. It fosters a shared understanding and a sense of purpose. Storytelling is an effective way to engage and motivate people. It also contributes to disseminating complex information, making it more identifiable and easier to grasp.

All-round benefits

The new IC with employees as protagonists generates trust, improves accessibility, increases commitment, engagement, and collaboration, enhances the employer brand and talent acquisition, develops flexibility, and boosts productivity.

If your organization needs a solid Internal Communication strategy to boost employee engagement, at Oxean we know how to do it!