Due to the pandemic, there were internal communication spaces that were deeply affected. It is harder to maintain a presence, be close and communicate news, because face-to-face interactions had to be replaced by virtual ones.

images - We innovated with institutional videos for Mastercard

Our client, Mastercard in Miami, presented us with the challenge of communicating in a close way a regional commercial strategy. To ‘bring it down to earth’ we needed the leaders of the LAC markets to tell us about their achievements “in person.”

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The chosen tool was video. But there was another difficulty: it was impossible to go to film the executives with our equipment. So, we set up an interview via Zoom with each participant, in which we played with the virtual call environment from the aesthetic point of view and the edition.

With a background that we designed ad hoc, the executives spoke about the company’s achievements in the video call.

The interesting thing is that given the impossibility of making a conventional institutional video, we adapted to create an effective communication piece that takes advantage of a limitation (remote environment) and transforms it into a differential in visual and narrative terms.

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Despite the obstacles imposed by current times, we managed to surprise and reach the public in a creative way and with a personal message.

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