Premio Arcor chico - We were part of the Arcor Award to Innovation

We were involved in setting up the award given by Arcor Group along with Argentina’s Secretariat of Government for Science, Technology and Productive Innovation.

“Initially, the client needed to communicate the importance and value of the Award to engage people’s interest in the contest. At Oxean we built a core concept: ‘ideas that nurture the future’. This slogan summarizes the spirit of the Award, which seeks to attract innovative people to the food industry so that they can come up with real and applicable solutions,”  explained Diego Caggiano, Content Director and Partner of Oxean.

Mailing 04 - We were part of the Arcor Award to Innovation

The communication campaign was developed under that concept, with pieces for social media and videos for Arcor’s communication platforms and for viewing during the award-giving ceremony on Sept. 5.

The contest met with huge interest, with over 100 projects submitted –a record number in the history of the Innovation Award.   

  • Video of invitation to the contest

  • Video for social media

Entrega premio arcor innovacion 768x512 - We were part of the Arcor Award to Innovation
The winning project was “Confectionery for diabetic consumers, rich in cereal-based fiber and a low-cost byproduct of the beer industry.”

Innovation is in the DNA of our client, Arcor, and in ours as an agency that is always in the search for continuous improvement.