Engagement, respect, mental and physical health, an accessible environment, and diversity are pillars of a healthy work environment. Internal communication plays a crucial role in implementing strategies that guarantee these benefits. Here’s how.

What is a healthy work environment?

Definition according to WHO

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a healthy work environment is one where workers and managers collaborate in a continuous improvement process to promote and protect the health, safety, and well-being of employees and the sustainability of the workplace.

Emotional salary

Employees seek to feel cared for and respected, of course with remuneration appropriate to their position and responsibilities, but they also expect what is currently known as an emotional salary, a set of tangible and intangible benefits they receive beyond their economic compensation.

Internal communication for healthy work environments

The importance of promoting well-being actions

Strategy and action

Having a well-being strategy is essential. However, this strategy must be accompanied by concrete internal communication actions that engage each employee, so that the well-being strategy can be experienced, perceived, and disseminated, contributing to the employer brand.
Here are 7 key actions:

1.Promote transparency

Transparency generates trust and security among employees and leaders, reducing stress and anxiety.

Recommended strategies and actions:

    • Internal newsletter: send regular bulletins that include company updates, new policies, and recent successes.
    • Transparency meetings: organize regular meetings where management informs employees about the company’s current situation and future plans.

2. Foster engagement and motivation

Effective internal communication informs teams about the company’s goals and achievements, and their own performance, helping them understand their contribution to overall success and motivating them to strive. Engaged and motivated employees are more productive and have greater job satisfaction, which is essential for a healthy work environment.

Recommended strategies and actions:

    • Recognition and gratitude: implement recognition programs to highlight employees’ achievements.
    • Satisfaction surveys: conduct regular surveys to assess employee satisfaction and motivation levels and take action based on the results.
compromiso y la motivación

3. Facilitate conflict resolution

Conflicts are inevitable in any work environment. However, clear and open internal communication facilitates their quick and effective resolution. Well-established channels allow employees to express concerns before they escalate, maintaining a harmonious and respectful environment.

Recommended strategies and actions:

    • Internal mediators: form a team of mediators who can intervene and resolve conflicts impartially.
    • Anonymous suggestion boxes: place suggestion boxes where employees can express concerns anonymously.
Facilitar la resolución de conflictos

4. Support emotional and mental well-being

Internal communication is crucial for employees’ emotional and mental well-being, an essential component of a healthy work environment. It provides information on support resources, well-being programs, and stress management workshops. Additionally, a culture of open communication encourages people to talk about their problems and seek help when needed.

Recommended strategies and actions:

    • Well-being workshops: organize workshops and seminars on stress management, mindfulness, and emotional well-being.
    • Helplines: establish confidential helplines for employees to seek psychological support.
el valor de la escucha activa en la comunicación interna

5. Encourage collaboration and teamwork

Effective internal communication not only transmits information from top to bottom but also facilitates collaboration and the exchange of ideas at all levels of the organization. When employees feel comfortable sharing their ideas and working together, an inclusive and supportive environment is created where everyone feels valued and respected.

Recommended strategies and actions:

    • Collaboration platforms: implement digital tools that facilitate collaboration and communication between teams, such as Slack or Microsoft Teams.
    • Brainstorming meetings: encourage regular brainstorming meetings where all employees can contribute.
    • Storytelling meetings: include meetings to share inspiring cases or stories to motivate others.
colaboración y el Trabajo en equipo

6. Improve adaptability to change

In today’s business environment, change is constant. Companies that manage change well clearly communicate the reasons, benefits, and impacts to their employees. Effective internal communication reduces uncertainty and resistance to change, allowing employees to adapt more easily and with less stress.

Recommended strategies and actions:

    • Change committees: create committees that include representatives from different departments to manage change inclusively.
    • Informative sessions: organize informative sessions where changes are explained, and questions are answered.
adaptabilidad al cambio

7. Strengthen corporate culture

A company’s culture defines expected values, norms, and behaviors, and internal communication is key to conveying and reinforcing these elements. A strong and positive culture contributes to a healthy work environment where employees feel aligned with the organization’s vision and values.

Recommended strategies and actions:

    • Shared values: regularly communicate the company’s values and mission through various channels.
    • Corporate events: organize events that celebrate and reinforce corporate culture, such as team retreats and achievement celebrations.

Internal communication is not just a management tool but a fundamental pillar for creating and maintaining a healthy work environment. It significantly contributes to the overall well-being of employees and the sustained success of the organization.

Our team is ready to guide your company and design internal communication that enhances a healthy work environment together.