Virtual events offer the opportunity to enhance organizational culture and employer brand, motivate teams in different locations, and bring people closer to the organization’s purpose.

Connecting beyond borders

In the digital age, organizing international events through videoconferencing platforms has transformed how companies connect with their audiences. Increasingly, tech companies are opening their virtual events to a global audience, sharing trends and insights that strengthen the employer brand.

Conectar más allá de las fronteras

virtual events: creating global impact

At Oxean, we specialize in planning and executing both in-person and virtual events that not only cross geographical borders but also provide unforgettable and meaningful experiences for participants at the local, regional, and global levels.

Planning: the pillars of a successful virtual event

Planning a virtual event requires designing the interaction and mechanics to create a dynamic meeting that brings people together.

Key elements:

  • Use of online surveys, Q&A sessions, and collaboration tools.

  • Creating a virtual event atmosphere through digital graphic identity, visual, and sound elements to create an immersive experience.

  • Socialization tools such as chat rooms and virtual meetings to foster interaction.

From idea to execution of the online event

Every event has a purpose, and virtual events are no exception. It is crucial to define the objective and expected outcomes. At Oxean, we collaborate with our clients to fulfill that purpose. We start the process with a clear and solid idea, establishing the tone and narrative for all communications and activities.

La planificacion

Concept and narrative

One of the keys to a successful event begins with its narrative. We believe every event should tell a story that resonates with the audience. Every segment of the event should be carefully designed to keep participants engaged and interested. 

Production of materials

Videos, presentations, motion graphics, bumpers, and other visual materials are essential to capture attention and convey the message effectively.

Event aesthetics

Visuals are crucial to creating an immersive experience. We ensure that every visual element reinforces the event’s concept and narrative.

Event script

A well-crafted script is essential to ensure that every part of the event runs smoothly. We take care of creating the complete event content, from the texts for the hosts or speakers to the full flow of the event.

The trend of hybrid and virtual events

62% of event organizers are committed to maintaining a virtual dimension in live events, anticipating that asynchronous hybrid events will be a significant trend.


This evolution reflects how the event industry combines in-person and virtual experiences, allowing greater accessibility and flexibility for participants.

Data and statistics

  • Focus on learning: more than 72% of virtual event attendees state that their primary goal is learning. Virtual events provide an effective platform for training and professional development.
  • Interaction and engagement: 30% of virtual event hosts use raffles and giveaways to keep their audience engaged. These tactics increase participation and improve the attendee experience.

Memorable events for all regions

At Oxean, we are committed to creating virtual events that offer enriching experiences for participants.

We know that concept and narrative are central elements in any event, and we work to ensure that every detail aligns with this criterion.

Eventos memorables

We have worked with clients in the LATAM region, as well as in Europe and the United States, adapting our strategies to the specific needs of each market. Additionally, we ensure that the content and presentation are culturally sensitive and relevant to each audience.

We are ready to take your vision to the next level and effectively and meaningfully connect your global audience.

If you are looking to organize a virtual event that makes a difference, do not hesitate to contact us.