In this article, we tell you how AI can enhance internal communication in your organization in a concrete and authentic way.

The ChatGPT revolution

Chat GPT is the most popular AI chatbot that can answer complex questions with surprising human ability. It was created by Mira Murati, chief technology officer at OpenAI, who leads the teams behind DALL-E (which uses AI to create images based on prompts) and GPTChat.

Open AI is an AI research and implementation startup dedicated to ensuring that artificial intelligence benefits all of humanity. This company is bringing about a major revolution and bringing AI to people in a natural and approachable way.

ChatGPT, in its own words

The first part of this note was written based on a query we made to ChatGPT.

Specifically, we asked: “How will Artificial Intelligence impact Internal Communication in companies?”

The answer took literally 30 seconds to arrive:

“Artificial Intelligence (AI) can have a major impact on internal communication in companies, providing new solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of internal communication. Some of the possible effects are the following:

  • Automation of repetitive and monotonous tasks.
  • Analysis of large amounts of data and improved decision-making.
  • Personalized, real-time solutions to employee problems that increase productivity.
  • Real-time communication between employees, regardless of location.
  • Creation of a more collaborative and efficient company culture through the communication platform and exchanging ideas.

Accuracy, realism, and practicality are some of the keys to Chat GPT. Its ability to provide answers that seem to be written by a person so quickly is impressive. Undoubtedly, this is only the beginning of the democratization of artificial intelligence, even for our daily work.

Dall-E, free images in seconds

Is this the beginning of a new era in image creation?
Open AI continues its revolution. This time it has developed an artificial intelligence app that, through precise indications, can generate an authentic, usable, royalty-free image.

Dall-e impresses with its ability to design authentic images and art from a natural language description.

In addition, it can indicate the style of the image, whether we prefer it to be developed only through photographs or to include design in its composition., the queen of Copywriting

As we told you in our previous article on AI, through this API, you can get a copy, text for a newsletter, copywriting for a blog post, and any text you need to write, even for sending a corporate email.

One of the most exciting features of is its ability to write the text in the tone of voice aimed at the audience, type of industry, and target we indicate., like most of these artificial intelligence solutions, is very intuitive to use and practical. You may not get precisely the copywriting you need, but it can certainly work as a starting point trigger to continue to improve the copy and bring it to its best version.

Do you need to make a presentation for tomorrow? is your solution

Unlike the previous ones with a basic version, only allows 14 days of free trial to access all its features. 

It also differs from other presentation creation apps in that it claims to have Smart Templates that eliminate “obsolete steps to get you from messy ideas to the right message as quickly as possible.

Whether you're working on one slide or an absurd number of presentations, our presentation software helps you organize your thoughts to bring your story to life quickly,"

the website says.

Fliki, the best for video development and editing.

The script written through ChatGPT or can take the form of a video through

You can develop scene by scene just by searching for the images, GIFs, or videos available automatically chosen to represent each of them.

The API also gives the possibility to choose the voice-over from more than ten possibilities, including the gender, tone of voice, as well as the nationality of the language.

Fliki provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to use it.

One site, all AI

Finally, we share, a website that compiles all AI tools. This site updates them periodically and is an excellent source of information on available APIs.

Undoubtedly, these artificial intelligence tools will help us in our productivity. As always, our vision and creativity will be essential for their use to be effective and meet the objectives set.

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