What We Do

Reality is the result of communication. We transform it.


Strategy and Tactics

We analyze the situation. Recognize the needs. Seize opportunities. Create a map. Optimize resources. We push the limits of possibilities.

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Contents and Campaigns

We design and execute content, campaigns and activations that generate a sense of belonging and mobilize teams.

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Agile & Change Management

Make Things Happen

Organizational design, conversations, trainings and agile methodologies to promote cultural and digital transformation.

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What is Cross Communication?

Cross communication consists of systematically managing consistency between culture and communication.

Is to align both, internal and institutional communication, in order to build a unique and powerful identity that achieves great results.

It’s to have a strategy that generates positive transformations throughout the entire organization.

Practical Consulting

We assist in the strategy and planning of CI, focusing on the business, leaders and CI referents needs. ​

  • Survey of business needs with benchmarks from CI and Human Capital.
  • Digital survey of collaborators.
  • Strategic support focused on new trends and change management.
  • Set up a committee of referents.
  • Identification of milestone dates, special days and projects.
  • Annual planning and scheduling of activities.
  • Calendar monitoring and proactivity.
  • Strategic planning of campaigns and monitoring.
  • Proposals for activations.
  • Monthly follow-up meetings with partners from the agency and the consulting firm.

Communication Agency

We help develop strategic and systemic communication, nurturing culture and delivering powerful messages that transform behavior.

  • Conceptualization, naming and branding of internal campaigns.
  • Key Visual development.
  • Internal logos design.
  • External communication: digital marketing and press.
  • Creativity, production and monitoring of campaigns, graphic and digital pieces, podcasts, virtual events, gamification, merchandising, videos, settings and content for training.
Oxean Cross content creation agency

Agile & Change Management

We facilitate conversations and provide training because we believe in the value of meeting and learning together.

  • Organizational design.
  • Technological culture, OKRs, management 3.0.
  • Agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban.
  • Design Thinking and Lean Startup.
  • Lean Change Management.
  • Workshops for leaders: remote team leadership, communication leadership, teamwork, effective meetings.
  • Communication workshops: strategic planning, writing, development of key messages, storytelling, public speaking, media training, effective presentations, social networks.
  • Essential themes: diversity, inclusion and sustainability. Employer brand.