One of the main challenges in the automotive sector is to strategically communicate between two worlds: corporate areas and production plants. We tell you where we start from and the strategies used to foster seamless communication and collaboration within the company.

Opposing worlds

Differences in context, tasks and responsibilities, knowledge and skills. This was the scenario we encountered when a well-known car brand approached us with the need to strengthen and promote the company’s internal communication.

"The challenge was to generate a strategic internal communication for the corporate audience, which responds to the parent company in Europe, and the plant audience where the vehicles are produced",

explains María Mosquera, Global Account Director and project leader.

In the first case, they were used to formal corporate communication, with permanent connectivity. In the case of the plant personnel, in addition to being in an operational task, "they have the particularity of being second or third generation in the company, a situation that brings them closer to the feeling of family, due to the years shared and the trajectory within the company",

says María.

Personalized strategy

Oxean designed a comprehensive internal communication strategy based on the diagnosis that was previously developed, in order to have the information, data and insights that would allow a plan tailored to the needs, characteristics and possibilities of their internal audiences.

The purpose was to position the internal communication of the multinational automotive company as an ally at the service of the business objectives.

Liderazgo estratégico

The project included diagnostic, consulting, planning and operational execution to implement an annual plan to strengthen the organizational culture.

Diagnosis: the beginning of everything

The diagnosis was the starting point. We proposed to carry out an analysis that would allow us to know the organization, its needs, pain points and opportunities.

The kick off included the initial brief, immersion in the company’s culture, identification and definition of survey pillars and the design of questionnaires for interviews and surveys.

Field work included interviews with key stakeholders, internal focus groups, quantitative surveys and the coordination and execution of activities.

Finally, we conducted data analysis and presented a report of findings and results.

360º Strategic Plan

The internal communication plan designed aims to position CI as a strategic ally aligned with business objectives.


Here we include our own internal communication actions:

    • Alignment with business axes.
    • Analysis and definition of key messages, style, tone, language, audiences and channels.
    • Alignment of internal/external strategies.
    • Reputation and employer brand.
    • Monitoring and measurement of KPIs.
    • Calendarization of campaigns and main annual actions.

Training actions:

    • Interrelation of the communication plan with the annual training plan.
    • Accompanying leaders in communication skills.


    • Design based on business needs.
    • Annual creative campaigns.
    • Adjustment of design and execution.
    • Management reports.

Facing the challenges

Internal communication always poses challenges on the fly. The company has just launched the first electric car.

What’s so challenging about this announcement?

“For office employees, this launch is a real celebration. It means innovation, new technologies, positive impact on the environment. It is a big step for the brand and its relationship with its customers. However, in the production plant the experience is different, as it can mean many changes. Therefore, we are currently working on internal communication so that the new stage can be accepted and understood,”

adds María.

Each case, a different path

For Oxean Cross, each case is particular, has its own characteristics and needs. However, from our side, we put knowledge, strategy and passion in every project, identifying and accompanying the client’s needs. Thus, we strengthen internal processes: knowing the culture and audiences. In short, reinforcing engagement.

If your company needs to strengthen internal communication,

we help you develop a systemic and efficient communication, nurturing the culture and proposing powerful messages and activations that will transform behavior and reinforce identification and belonging.

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