From Oxean, we assisted Arcos Dorados in the planning, creation, development, launch and implementation of "McDonald’s vio en mí", a 360° internal communication campaign that communicates one of the company's main strengths: employment opportunities for young people.

Campaign “McDonald’s vio en mí”

Our client Arcos Dorados, through its brand McDonald’s, leader in youth employment in Latin America, asked us to design a 360° internal communication campaign focusing on the importance of the first job opportunity.

Campaign “McDonald’s vio en mí”
 (Crédito: Universidad Católica Argentina)

“McDonald’s vio en mí” is a powerful campaign that reflects how the brand can transform the lives of thousands of young people.

Creating opportunities

Arcos Dorados provides opportunities for thousands of young people in Latin America. Through this campaign, it demonstrates how it sees their POTENTIAL. The company understands their dreams and provides a platform to make them a reality.

Hundreds of GOLDEN STORIES, told in different formats and platforms, stories that can inspire the thousands of young people who bring life to the restaurants and the team in the offices.

Florencia Fragalá, Head of Internal Communications and Employer Branding at Arcos, tells us:

‘McDonald’s vio en mí’ " campaign unveils super-inspiring stories, puts people at the center by making visible the qualities that make them unique, and invites all of us who are part of it to reflect on our own experiences and the great opportunity we had when we joined McDonald's".

Strategy: Make the POTENTIAL of each person visible

This 360º campaign – which included PR and press, a platform with breakthrough content in multiple formats and channels, and where people’s stories, told in the first person, were the protagonists – allowed us to strengthen the employer brand, increase Employee Engagement and strengthen the company’s Employee Advocacy (the voice of the leaders).

The strategy included the development of the campaign's key messages:

  • McDonald’s goes beyond your life: it shapes you from the beginning and becomes your reference as you progress in your career.

  • Arcos Dorados is a great school: employees acquire a unique expertise that is complemented by the training offered by the brand and the experience of working in one of its stores.

  • Working at Arcos Dorados opens up opportunities for growth and widens the horizon of the brand’s reputation: employees can climb positions within the company.

  • Arcos Dorados is a company at the forefront of today’s work culture: it offers benefits, opportunities for growth and training, and a matrix of jobs so that everyone, even those with no experience, can aspire to a job at McDonald’s.

Golden stories

Undoubtedly, the big star of the action plan were the stories, recorded in 1:1 interview formats, of Arcos Dorados Area Managers who started their careers with their first job opportunity at McDonald’s.

Sergio Pivetti, who started in 1990 and is currently Human Resources Manager of Arcos Dorados, and Lucio Dardes, who has been with the company for 27 years and is currently Operations Manager of Arcos Dorados, were interviewed by journalist Chino Leunis.

 (Crédito: Prensa Arcos Dorados)

In an interview that achieved intimacy and complicity, both interviewees shared their stories of overcoming and resilience, their experiences and how they lived the growth opportunities the company offered them.

Using the hashtag #MitrabajoMifuturo, these stories were shared on external and internal social networks with great impact.

Activating conversations

“McDonald’s vio en mí” activated different channels to drive an internal and external conversation about the impact of Arcos Dorados as an employer, through different platforms: LinkedIn, Newsletter, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram. 

The stories of members (the so-called crews) and restaurant managers were broadcast.

"I don't just make hamburgers. I learned the importance of time management, order and fellowship."

Golden stories

These messages included specific calls to action to provide the young recipients with information on how to apply for a job at McDonald’s.

In the case of LinkedIn, we included an innovative Brand Advocacy action where area managers posted job ads looking for “their future replacement”.

To do this, we identified profiles within Arcos Dorados who started in the kitchen and are now leaders within the company.

Arcos Dorados always challenges us to go for more. Together with the entire Oxean team, developing 'McDonald's saw in me' was a beautiful challenge that we faced together with the client. The campaign was a success both internally to encourage the crew to dream big, as well as externally, strengthening the company's employer brand",

said Valeria Scherbovsky, Director of Oxean.

Finally, the campaign included street activations as well as actions with influencers who were crew for a day.

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