Generating engagement and driving the employer brand strategy are currently among the priorities of most organizations.
Internal awards are an excellent way to achieve both objectives, incentivizing and inspiring teams, and positively impacting the business's health.

Why an award?

Motivation, incentive, and gratitude are the basic premises of any recognition. 

For organizations, the commitment of employees is always key. They must feel motivated, knowing they will develop as professionals and people if they give their best. And that always has a positive impact on the business.

In this sense, awards are a very effective way of recognizing their contributions. Effort, commitment, innovation, and achievement are rewardable elements.

Interacting with internal communication

The success and scope of an internal awards program depend directly on the internal communication plan. It is essential that the IC strategy communicates the award’s purpose and spreads it throughout all areas of the organization, enhancing the scope of action.

Through an internal communication campaign of awards, the organization can:

      • Highlight achievements.
      • Encourage innovation through contests.
      • Recognize professional careers.
      • Distinguish areas or leaders.
      • Delve into stories of resilience.

Finally, it can generate and strengthen teamwork and peer recognition, critical aspects for human blossoming. 

Everyone can become a leader

While some companies may still maintain a vertical recognition of leaders to their teams, today, the juries are often composed of all employees, without distinction of hierarchy.

This awards model equalizes, provides the same opportunities, and allows an assistant to be equally recognized as an area manager or a director. It also brings people closer as it makes them get to know each other, connecting all areas.

Being and feeling recognized by peers generates pride and a sense of belonging.

Breaking down boundaries

Through awards, organizations with an international presence can cross borders, generating internal communication actions with global impact. 

It is one of the most effective ways for teams to get to know each other, integrate and build relationships beyond their physical workplace.

It is also an excellent tool to reinforce organizational culture and values.

Strengthening the employer brand

Once again, the boundaries between internal and external communication are blurring. Many of the internal awards of large companies, thanks to the digital transformation, the rise of social networks, and the company’s decision to communicate externally, have taken on incredible relevance.

In addition to building loyalty, motivating, generating engagement, and encouraging employee commitment, the awards strengthen the employer brand, especially through social networks.

This employer brand is promoted not only by the company’s institutional profiles but also by each of the employees, which makes it even more valuable through employee advocacy. They become great spokespersons and authentic ambassadors of the brand.

Awards ultimately empower the business: engage and motivate employees, promote innovation and the employer brand, and create cohesive teams.

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