Work commitment, or better known as engagement, is one of the aspects that all employees of an organization must develop to contribute to the achievement of its objectives. Discover below what it is, why it is so important, and some relevant considerations.

What is engagement?

Engagement is a term attributed to the work commitment and the connection between people and the organization to which they offer their collaborations, resulting in a feeling of belonging that the employee experiences in the company, making evident their desire to remain in it.

How to achieve work engagement?

This feeling is experienced when the company employee feels motivated with the tasks, projects, or actions, being recognized for the achievements, obtaining happiness produced by work.

It makes it clear that if an employee achieves a high commitment to their work within a company, will work harder towards fulfilling the company’s objectives and values.

So, work commitment is a factor that is achieved by employees of an organization who feel physically, psychologically, and emotionally within the company.

Importance for employees to feel
commitment towards their work:

If your company’s employees feel committed to the tasks, actions, or projects they have to perform daily, they will experience the following:

So, why is it important to achieve
engagement for a company?

As mentioned above, making your organization’s employees feel engaged will impact their work, but why is it important for the company? What does the company receive in return? Multiple benefits:

When employees achieve a sense of belonging and commitment to their work, the company will be able to perceive:
    • An increase in sales: if employees are motivated, they will improve engagement with customers.
    • It will increase the profitability of the business.
    • Customers will be more satisfied with the attention of salespeople or customer service managers.
    • A decrease in work absenteeism.
    • A reduction in the percentage of staff turnover. 

    • Deduction in health problems within the employees.

Celebrating those most committed to your organization is a first step toward creating a culture of commitment for all your employees.

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