In a work environment where employee connection and engagement are essential, videos have become a powerful tool. This article explores how videos that connect and motivate employees can revolutionize internal communication in your company.

Crossing Transformation Barriers

Organizations are made up of people. As human beings, we need to connect and empathize with life stories and professional achievements. Internal communication should seek ways to generate connections through inspiring and motivational stories.

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Communication ecosystems give us the opportunity to share these stories beyond the barriers that local, regional and even global distances can generate.

Stories that Unite

Videos have long been positioned as a great possibility to generate closeness and motivate teams. Their versatility allows them to be part of communication strategies on different platforms, overcoming barriers of technological and format changes.

Integración en la estrategia

Videos for Internal Communication that Connect and Motivate

Capturing Attention

Videos are a powerful tool capable of adding value and depth to how we relate and communicate within organizations. In a world saturated with information and fueled by social media, we constantly face the challenge of capturing the audience’s attention in a blink of an eye.


In a world saturated with information and fueled by social networks, we face a constant challenge: to capture the public’s attention in the blink of an eye.

Captar la atención

Within organizations, people are exposed to a constant flow of information, whether through email, meetings, or internal platforms. Finding effective ways to capture employees’ attention quickly and, most importantly, in an engaging way is critical.

Employees in Action

According to a Randstad report, this evolution of internal communication is related to new generations. The audiovisual medium is essential for communicating with them, using the popularity and massiveness of YouTube and TikTok culture in favor of organizational communication.

Giving an active role to employees, making them participants not only in receiving information but also in creating and circulating it, is crucial for improving engagement.

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Advantages of using videos in internal communication

Putting a face and voice to internal communication

Videos allow us to put a face and voice to the people who make up organizations. This closeness strengthens relationships between employees, fostering a sense of belonging and community that transcends physical and hierarchical barriers.

Dynamism and entertainment

The versatility of the video format allows us to present content dynamically and entertainingly. This characteristic is especially relevant in a work world where time and attention are valuable resources. Videos effectively capture attention, facilitating the transmission of key messages memorably and attractively.

Integration into CI strategy

It is crucial to integrate videos into internal communication plans. Therefore, we always focus our efforts on having a strategic vision of the communication formats used, recognizing video as a key piece in that communicative puzzle.

Adaptability and Flexibility

We understand that each company has its own needs and priorities. Therefore, it is essential that video production adapts to these particularities. From simpler options where employees themselves are the protagonists of the production, to hybrid collaborations between employees and the agency, or even more elaborate productions with script, filming, and professional editing, the key is to think strategically and adapt to each specific case.


Videos represent much more than a communication tool. They are a vehicle that allows us to connect, inspire, and motivate our employees in a way that goes beyond written words.

At Oxean, we are committed to maximizing the potential of videos strategically in internal communication plans, to build stronger teams and more vibrant corporate cultures.

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