Trust, honesty and commitment are values that cannot be bought when an organization is looking for a supplier. However, beyond the quality of service, companies look for agencies committed to projects as if they were their own.

Partner wanted

Like any relationship, this bond gets built over time. Among internal communication, total trust is a must from the very first beginning. The internal communication agency will learn about the successes and failures, the strengths and weaknesses, and the lights and shadows to determine the diagnosis and design a tailor-made strategy.

Scopen, a Madrid-based consulting firm that analyzes and monitors the agency-client relationship, determined the most relevant ten lessons learned on this relationship.

Although Scopen focuses on advertising communication, it is interesting to see similarities with companies’ internal communication.

Among other conclusions, an important aspect was that within the consolidation phase, once the “honeymoon” stage is over, the bond between agency and client “is settled and consolidated through the development of joint projects. Establishing a partnership relationship and bringing empathy to the relationship are key elements to continue strengthening the nexus”.

Living business and culture

The relationship established is like that of a partnership-alliance, transcending the objectives of a campaign or a project. We must both share the goals of the business.

Hence, it is necessary to know the business in depth, what the core is, and even live the experience as a client would do to internalize it.

In the same way, the agency must know the organizational culture and understand the journey map of the people who make up the company, its values, and its history.

The purpose is to make this relationship closer and more intense.

How do we work at Oxean?

We are a team. We are far from being just another supplier. At Oxean, we are committed to the projects and live them together with our clients; that is our greater differential.

Every time we move forward with actions, initiatives, or projects with a new client, we usually receive testimonials from those who lead them, reflecting amazement.

"The truth is that I am surprised by the commitment and the way you carry out the project as if it were your own," a leader from the people area of a technology company recently told us.

Thus, that is one of our dearest differentials. For each client, we put together a team within our staff with the competencies, skills, and characteristics required to match the actions and the organizational culture.

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Designing together

We always start from a specific need. But for us, it is relevant to know in depth the culture of the company, the profile of the people who make up the teams, and the objectives they set to achieve or overcome.

If feasible, the ideal is to start with a diagnosis, designing a project that contemplates the previous points, and, above all, the actual need to avoid merely assumptions.

From there, we advance on a first proposal that we begin to pivot together to design the action tailored to your organization. 

We execute and resolve

Unforeseen events occur in projects as they do in life itself. However, our clients can feel confident that the team will be on the job to solve any unexpected circumstance.

When we talk about the unexpected, it is not always something negative but something that wasn’t contemplated in the design and final plan. Our adaptability, iteration, and agile methodologies always contribute to a timely resolution.

Long-lasting relationships

This way of being partners with our clients allows us to build transparent, loyal, and trusting relationships that become stronger with every action taken, every project completed, and every shared achievement because our clients’ satisfaction is also our satisfaction.

Working this way allows us to enhance trust, an essential pillar in the relationship. That’s why our customers choose us repeatedly, and we continue to choose them as partners on this path.

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