Intranets, social networks, and internal apps are some of the channels that have led companies to emulate the developments that brands have introduced to capture their audiences.

This channel revolution also has a connection to formats. Is there no internal communication without video?

Video, the king.

If we told you that visual data is processed 60,000 times faster in our brains than text data and that one minute of video has the same impact on an audience as nearly 2 million words, would you hesitate to incorporate video into your internal communications strategy?

The common answer is that video is undoubtedly the star of content when it comes to communicating with your team.

As is so often the case, what works in marketing is transferred to the inside of companies. Simply because the lines are becoming more and more blurred: People who work inside companies are also customers and users with the same concerns, behaviors, and content consumption habits.


Every message we send to our teams competes for attention against work, calls, and online meetings.

That’s why we need to get more and more creative to win those minutes of attention. Videos have all the characteristics to accomplish this:

Videos make it possible to:

  1. Share management achievements.
  2. Provide information about company strategy, so everyone is aligned with the business objectives.
  3. Bring executive voices closer and avoid interruptions.
  4. Present processes, protocols, and procedures in an attractive and effective way.
  5. Communicate complex data in a simple way and in the language of the audience.
  6. Motivate and drive work by communicating clear goals.
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Motivate the sales force

Videos can be a great resource to support sales staff when:

Education and training

Another great benefit of using video in your internal communications strategy is that you reach all levels of the organization, i.e., the people who work at the various sites, when it comes to communicating a new process or protocol.

At Oxean Cross, we have a team of professionals who can help your company incorporate video into your CI strategy. From the idea and its implementation to writing the script, filming, editing, and post-production.

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