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Without internal communication, there is no company.

Our comprehensive approach to internal communication allows us to assert that today, without an IC diagnosis, strategy, plan, and campaigns, it is practically impossible for organizations to achieve their objectives.

Teams are too fragmented, in different areas without physical contact in most cases, and the hybrid scheme (50% home office / 50% face-to-face) requires a strengthened, constant, measured, and attractive IC for an increasingly saturated internal audience in turbulent and changing times.

Keys to an IC campaign

Internal communication has become, after the pandemic, an integral and essential strategy to keep everyone in the company informed, motivated, and aligned towards the achievement of organizational objectives. This is why we encourage you to consider the following points when planning your IC campaign.

1 - Full trust

People today are experiencing a crisis of trust in their governments, in the media, and even in social networks. According to the latest Edelman Trust Barometer report, we are facing: “an epidemic of misinformation and widespread distrust in institutions and social leaders around the world.”

Anticipating, providing information in due time and form, offering access to data, and making available the necessary channels to maintain fluid communication are actions that will build trust within the areas.

It is undeniable that the actions and campaigns of internal communication enable organizations to become trusted employers.

2 - Timely and attractive information

Beyond the measurable and necessary objectives established in the campaign, the information transmitted should be timely communicated, attractive, and simple to easily reach the internal audience.

In such a changing environment, where transformations occur permanently and sometimes suddenly, information should be available in real-time and within everyone’s reach.

Often complementing or replacing traditional channels, new channels and formats have emerged:

  • CI Apps provide agility in the transmission of information and horizontality in the reach of all company levels.
  • Internal video newscasting gives employees periodic access to the latest company information.
  • Video Explainers: a didactic way to present processes and protocols.
  • Push notifications on cellphones, similar to those brands send to customers and users to promote their products.
  • Intranets in the format of social networks allow for multidirectional communication.

3 - Avoid information overload

The CI campaign needs to find balance as a whole. We can achieve this harmony by spreading concepts, data, and measured knowledge. Sometimes we make the mistake of wanting to communicate everything in a single campaign. But if we wish to be assertive and reach the desired impact, we have to be careful with the flow of information we disseminate.

If we fail to control this flow, we will confuse our internal audience and cause the opposite effect, i.e., misinform, discourage action and, worst of all, the people who receive the contents of the campaign will ignore or abandon them.

4 - Find a good story

We all know that good stories captivate, attract attention and allow us to empathize with our audience and what we need to communicate.

It’s important to remember that the stories of overcoming, achievement, and recognition of those who are part of our organization, especially when told by our company’s leaders, have the power to move us and create emotional connections.

5 - Measure the impact

Newsletter opening rates, audiovisual reproductions, interactions, and participation, are some parameters that we must measure if we want to know to what extent we are achieving the campaign’s objectives.

Measurable objectives will help us on this journey. The implementation of the CI campaign KPIs is crucial. They allow us to grasp tangible and verifiable facts about what worked and where we need to adjust and make changes for future campaigns.

If you are in the process of planning your next internal communication campaign, our team can help you to achieve the best version of it!

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