As we enter the last months of the year, are you wondering if the IC Plan is producing the expected results?
Measuring the planning is essential to know what worked to replicate and go for more and what failed to correct.

This article provides you with some ideas to measure your organization’s internal communication.

Measure, measure, and measure

Internal communication is often minimized: erratic, unplanned, and through isolated actions. But when we manage to design and execute an IC plan, do we remember to measure? Do we include measurement as one more action within the plan?

Monitoring and evaluating actions provides valuable information, from having data to understand the real and concrete needs of your team, to the initiatives that have the most engagement, to the actions that motivate the people who work for the company on a daily basis.

No excuses

Digital transformation has also reached the people area with an infinite number of measuring tools.

We no longer have excuses. From a simple social listening tool in internal social networks to the most sophisticated Digital Intelligence applications, we can make a sweep of how actions, initiatives, and content creation are performing.

 Some tools you can use are:

  1. Online surveys are anonymous and serve to gather information on the effectiveness of internal communications.
  2. Multiple choice through the intranet, internal chat, or internal social network: this is a quick way to grasp employees’ opinions on a particular action.
  3. Analytics of the company’s internal social networks: measuring the reach, performance, visualization, and interaction of certain content. The operation of the measurement process is very similar to the one of the company’s social network.
  4. Internal newsletter and mailing opening rates: knowing the number of employees who opened the news, what they double-clicked on, and the time spent reading it allows us to know what topics are of interest and what content is appreciated and valued for their daily work.
  5. Digital intelligence applied to CI. An internal communication case study from Epical, an Oxean Group company, highlights the power of Data Strategy and Digital Intelligence.

Benefits of measuring IC

Don’t we measure commercial execution? Or the impact of our sustainability plan? Or the ROI of a marketing action?

Why not measure our Internal Communication?

According to a study by Exevi/ Dialenga in Spain, only 1 out of 5 organizations measure their internal communication.

 Among the benefits, you will be able to:

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