We already know that data science can be a very powerful tool in marketing.

The novelty is that Digital Intelligence can be applied in Internal Communication to improve the impact on our teams.

Data flooded

The digital era has a B-side, and it is called Digital Intelligence. Every solution, service, platform, or application generates a large amount of data that is difficult to even dimension in our minds.

According to IDC, as of 2025, it is estimated that around 175 Zettabytes will be generated annually. 1 ZB is equivalent to one billion Terabytes.

Meanwhile, the study “Data never sleeps” revealed that in 2020, each person produced 1.7 MB of data every second, and it is estimated that this figure will double every year.

Digital Intelligence for what?

Data has become an indispensable asset in any business. Therefore, a solid data strategy can generate significant benefits for a company

Digital Intelligence gives us the possibility of using data to:

  • improve business decision making, 
  • optimize the customer experience,
  • improve a team member’s journey map,
  • and now also to increase the impact of your organization’s internal communications!

Data strategy applied to Internal Communicatios

It is time to take Internal Communication as a Data-Driven area.

In this respect, Tomás Criado, CEO of Epical – digital agency of the Oxean Group – states that

“although the data culture has been gaining momentum for years, there are still areas in companies where it has not yet arrived. Internal Communication is usually a clear example, as well as incredible for its potential impact from data, a diamond in the rough!”

Like any strategy, it is necessary to start from the objective to be achieved, collect the data that serve, evaluate it, generate actions, measure the impact, and contrast KPIs with the goals set in a spiral that feeds back.

Epical‘s Data Science team had a great challenge ahead: a leading global financial company needed to know why its newsletter with regional reach had an opening rate that did not reach 30% and generate actions to double it.

Analyze data to make an impact

The purpose of the internal newsletter was to communicate in a direct, dynamic, and fun way to all the people who are part of the corporation in the Latin American and Caribbean region. They wondered what the failure could be.

So Epical proposed a project in stages.

  • Stage 1:
    An in-depth assessment/evaluation of all newsletters sent to date. From the analysis, we looked for behavioral patterns and valuable insights that would allow us to understand the audience. 

  • Stage 2:
    The second step was implementing a survey based on the data from the first stage, intending to ratify or rectify the hypotheses raised and learning even more about the audience and their behavior.

  • Stage 3:
    After measuring and analyzing data for three months, these conclusions were reached:

    • Employees like to read the news first thing in the morning.

    • On Fridays, people usually wake up in a better mood and are more inclined to read information related to the company.

    • In terms of content, puzzles, resources, tools to download, tips to put into practice, recognition of teams and people, benefits, ecology, and cryptocurrencies have a strong engagement.
  • Stage 4:
    Finally, they moved forward with A/B testing and made adjustments to schedules, delivery days and content.

    • Change in the design and layout of the news to improve readability.

    • Summaries of the notes on the front page.
    • 6 AM delivery every Friday.

    • Attractive subject.

Measurable results

All of this allowed opening rates to reach 70%, well above the target. The project was considered a successful case for the company, even presented at a global level.



Tomás Criado adds that

“in the Post-Pandemic Era, organizations need to accelerate, more than ever, their transformation to digital. Therefore, we are convinced that it is time to take advantage of innovations in AI and more agile and efficient integrations of diverse data sources.”

"Data for Work is a trend that is here to stay and with which all types of profiles in strategic positions should deal with," concludes Epical's CEO.

At Oxean Cross, we accompany you to apply Digital Intelligence and make your Internal Communication area data-driven.