Big news in the Oxean ecosystem: Epical is the new Brandwatch partner! This partnership positions us as leaders in Digital & Consumer Intelligence

Empowering alliance

Epical, the startup of the Oxean Group, became an Official Partner of Brandwatch  for Argentina, LATAM, Spain, and the USA.

Brandwatch is the world’s leading consumer insights company. Its technology and platforms are consistently recognized by industry analysts and clients who use them to better understand and interact with consumers.


As part of its strategic plan, Epical focused its core business on Digital & Consumer Intelligence starting in 2023.

"We set out to be the best at this, to be at the table with the key players, and for this, we have to specialize, weave key alliances and be clear about what we do and for whom,"

explains Tomás Criado, CEO & Co-founder of Epical.

Insights for decision making

Epical collaborates with clients to transform data into actionable insights for informed decision-making. It deeply analyzes millions of digital conversations on social networks, news media, blogs, forums, and more, as well as digital behaviors and social/digital trends, to provide critical insights for business decision-makers.

"We make sense of all that infinite volume of conversations that happen in the digital ecosystem, and becoming a partner enables us to have state-of-the-art technology and the number one software in the world to do so,"

says Tomás

Broadening our horizons

This alliance will allow us to expand the reach of our services throughout the region, Spain, and the United States while continuing to train all our teams in using today’s most robust technologies. 

On the other hand, it gives us access to millions of conversations around brands that we can translate into a greater knowledge of your customers, discover trends and even anticipate any brand crisis.

Redes sociales y comunidad laboral

Integrating Intelligence and Technology

We enhance artificial intelligence, platforms, and monitoring tools to provide services aimed at large companies’ communications and marketing managers and consumer insights or Brand Intelligence leaders.

"All of those are key areas we can impact forcefully and directly with a valuable service such as the one we provide,"

concludes Tomás.

Currently, Epical provides services and manages projects for IDB Washington, Arcos Dorados, and Mastercard, among other large regional companies.

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