"What cannot be measured, cannot be managed." And this applies perfectly to internal communications. Next I know how to measure if the internal communication plan in your company is effective.

Why measure whether internal communication is effective?

If you don’t measure it: how can you tell if your actions are hitting the mark? How do you find out what works and what doesn’t? How do you justify the investment?

As you can see, it is vital to calculate the ROI (Return On Investment) to know how much money the company earnt or lost with the investments made to know which investments are worth it and how to optimize those that are already working so that they have a better return.

How can you calculate ROI in internal communication?

There are two very effective indicators for know if internal communication is effective:

  • Activity KPI.  They show the activity and reactions of collaborators regarding internal communications (number of emails sent, opening rates, clicks to videos and articles on the Intranet, among others).
  • KPI of impact on the business.  They seek to “move the needle” in some of the business focuses. For example, reduce employee turnover, improve a work environment indicator, increase sales, and more.

What techniques are useful for calculating if is effective internal communication?

  • Pulse surveys:
    they are used to obtain people’s thoughts and feelings expressed as data. As they are answered anonymously, the information obtained is honest, impartial and accurate.
  • Analytics software:
    provides information on what works and what doesn’t in online communications  in your company. The information disclosed provides an overview of which areas have the most visits, where users are interacting with the content and with each other, and where they are not.
  • Benchmarking:
    provides valuable insight into how you are doing compared to your competitors. Some Intranets allow you to track performance against similar ones with real-time benchmarking scores. This, at the same time, allows you to know how your internal communications are performing, how people are interacting and if you are going in the right direction.

In conclusion, as internal comms are an intangible, it is difficult to see what the impact and return of that investment is, so it is worth making an effort to measure that impact and show that the work that is carried out adds value to the organization . Likewise, the fact of measuring and evaluating helps to defend the budget and also provides feedback regarding the effectiveness of what is being done.

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