Fotografía de portada :

 In categories as diverse as social sustainability, press relations, internal communication and consumer relations, our clients obtained 5 Eikon Awards this year for projects in which we participated. 

The EIKON Awards recognize the work done by communicators and communication scientists, public relations, journalists, advertisers, lobbyists and event organizers.

In 2020, at Oxean we obtained – together with clients and other agencies involved – 5 recognitions in very diverse categories, which reflects our “cross” concept of institutional communication.

1. Category: Social Sustainability

McDonald’s /McDonald’s / Alurralde, Jasper + Asoc. / Blapp / Grupo Oxean / Kino Bovio / Público Press Group / TBWA – 

“Inclusion and Youth Employment: a legacy for Barrio 31” 

2. Category: Press Relations

 McDonald’s / Alurralde, Jasper + Asoc / TBWA / Grupo Oxean / Kino Bovio / Público Press Group 

“#AbiertoParaTodos: knocking down prejudices”

3. Category: Consumer Relations

 McDonald’s / Grupo Oxean

– “The customer, at the center of everything we do”

4. Category: Consumer Relations

McDonald’s / Grupo Oxean / Público Press Group / TBWA  

“#StayEnCasa we will take it to you”

5. Category: Internal Communication

Grupo Arcor – “Redcom: we all feed communication”.

In this case, from Oxean we have been working on the development of our client’s internal network.

“Communication, companies and the competition are constantly renewed. For this reason, each new application for an Eikon award is a different challenge and, when we win, it helps us to realize that we were on the right track and that we knew how to reinvent ourselves correctly, ”says Román Druchas, Oxean consultant.