The pandemic put internal communication in check in companies, forcing them to reinvent themselves to meet the needs of the new corporate normality.

As we know, internal communication plays a key role in any organization. However, COVID-19 challenged the sector, by questioning several of the practices that corporations had been carrying out.

With the pandemic, teams had to be connected to work at the same time, but each one from home. Leaders that were used to working on site with their team, had to manage to keep up on a daily basis with collaborators. All this, in a context of uncertainty due to the health crisis and during a process of adaptation to working remotely with family at home, domestic responsibilities and more.

Therefore, internal comms took on a leading role during the pandemic while it also had to reinvent to meet the needs of the new corporate normality.
These adjustments outlined what are today the trends in internal communication that are looming for 2021. Do you want to get a glimpse of them?

  • It’s a fact: remote work is here to stay.

Organizations that facilitate home office and combine it with corporate accessible messages to all will keep employees focused and productive during in pandemic.

  • Employees demand transparency and clear and trustworthy guidance.

This puts people at ease and allows them to turn their attention and skills toward the future. Rather than living with false confidence that all is well, leaders and employees alike can get started on working through problems.

  • The digital workplace is gaining more followers.

It becomes essential to implement modern tools that can keep all employees fully informed as.

  • Recognizing employees became a priority.

Companies have begun to prioritize employee recognition as part of their internal communication strategies during in pademic. Companies with employee recognition programs have 31% less voluntary turnover, according to data provided by Alexandra Zamolo, head of content marketing at Beekeeper. Likewise, 50% of employees believe that receiving thanks from their superiors improves their relationship and builds trust with their bosses.

  • The key is to emphasize organizational alignment.

Breaking the bubbles and creating a more cohesive and cross-functional organization should be the ultimate goal of any internal communications manager during in pandemic. To achieve full more of them move out from under a single corporate roof.organizational alignment, frontline employees will need to be more involved in internal communication.

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