In this article, we address the latest trends about the present and future of work in our industry.

The world has changed; companies have adapted. We communicate differently as the labor market’s profiles and skills require.

How do the most innovative companies hire?

According to the latest Future of Work report from the consulting firm Korn Ferry, “69% of most admired companies value agile learning and curiosity over career history and experience” when it comes to hiring.

This means that having a good CV is very positive, but what will really make a difference will be those skills that distinguish us from someone with a similar background.


Our qualifications, experience, and skills will measure talent. Still, there will also be other balance requirements that have to do with our personality and our ability to adapt, learn, and work as part of a team.

Soft skills are sought after

By soft skills, we mean a combination of social, interpersonal, interpersonal, and communication skills that give a person the ability to relate and communicate effectively. 

Some of them are:

The future of work is now

Market trends in the profiles being sought have to do with these changes.

"The search is oriented towards people who demonstrate solid expertise, or who can demonstrate their potential and passion for communication; with a spirit and skills for continuous learning, with a digital mindset that allows them to embrace constant change and gives them the ability to manage in scenarios of uncertainty, and by projects,"
"they should be encouraged to innovate, try new tools or methodologies to make mistakes quickly, and exercise frustration tolerance."

says Natalia Galuccio, Chief People Officer of Oxean, Epical and Wise Work.


What is happening in our industry?

Internal communication and digital and cultural transformation have played a major role in recent years. This accelerated processes and expanded opportunities.

"If we focus on market trends in communication, it is inevitable to think of Oxean's ecosystem because it merges the strength of many years of experience in the field; maintaining the essence and purpose of connecting people and positioning itself as a strategic area of the business; with innovation from technology (Epical) proposing technological developments and data intelligence that accompany the strategic business plan. And it also merges with the cultural transformation necessary for any service proposal (CI, Marketing or Agility) to be sustainable over time,"

explains Natalia.

At Oxean Cross, we look for empowered profiles to lead their projects, proposals, or initiatives, but with enough humility, empathy, and flexibility to accept diversity, which allows us to work with people who bring different ideas to ours and find ways to integrate them.

We also look for data-driven profiles that have a particular discipline to execute, follow up, and make adjustments based on the feedback received from the ideas they propose; since this is key for a culture that seeks to transform and move forward constantly.

Tips for the first filter

Undoubtedly, the CV is still the first letter of introduction to applying for a position, along with the LinkedIn profile.
It is necessary to express who you are briefly, your experience, and your training.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Recount accomplishments you have achieved in similar positions.
  • Be authentic and honest about your role in the projects both on your CV and on LinkedIn. 
  • Establish what your interest is and where you project yourself. 
  • On LinkedIn, it is essential that the profile brief is developed and that the experience is updated. 
  • The actual level of English adds up. Indicate if you are studying.
Desafíos y transformaciones durante el cambio

Our industry is constantly changing, and the future of work continues to adapt to these changes. Talent will seek to join organizations that offer flexibility, development opportunities, diversity, and openness.

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