The summer months generate a change of dynamics in organizations. In this article, we review the impact of summer on internal communication and what factors should be taken into account.

Team organization

Summer is coming to the southern hemisphere, and we take the opportunity to think about the impact of vacation periods which, of course, reaches all latitudes at some point. 

The actual problem is clear: some employees leave for a moment, which changes the dynamics of the teams.

La estrategia

Each area of the company must reorganize itself in terms of tasks and responsibilities. From the Internal Communication area, it is necessary to propose a strategy that responds to these changes.

Communication never stops

It is often thought that the fluidity of communication with teams declines during vacation periods. However, this has changed with the digital transformation. In addition, we know that many brands have developed strategic communication actions for these months.

The work of IC during the vacation period allows:

A global challenge

The potential impact of vacations or holidays is also apparent throughout the year.
Many organizations work remotely with their internal customers located in other countries.

As with all other aspects of the business, we need to think locally. When scheduling vacations, it is also necessary to consider the calendar of the teams you interact with daily, regardless of their geographic location.

Always a step ahead

In order to provide consistent responses, the internal communication area needs to anticipate this context, determining what actions and initiatives are necessary to implement during this time.

Oxean recommends surveying how these variations will impact the organizational level through meetings with team leaders to anticipate and design an internal summer communication plan.

The internal correlation of marketing moves

The most visited tourist destinations (we know) are a great opportunity for brand positioning.

Promotional actions, events of all kinds, and sponsorship of sporting events are some of the formats most chosen by Brand Managers.

It is necessary to know each action in detail from the internal communication area to develop a joint communication strategy.

What should we take into account?

Analyzing and planning the strategy

Undoubtedly, the beginning of the year allows us to review what has been developed and implemented during the previous period.

It is a great moment to analyze what performed well and evaluate which initiatives can be replicated, which cannot, and what can be improved.

It is essential to examine the data from the various internal surveys (work climate, feedback, etc.) to generate an annual internal communication plan that is harmonious with the needs of the entire organization. 

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