The novelty is that generative Artificial Intelligence has reached marketing and communication through content, design, image, and video creation apps, among many others. We show you powerful AI tools to boost your company's Internal Communication.

Artificial intelligence at the service of creativity

AI continues to revolutionize the world of organizations and is evolving steadily. According to Gartner’s Top Strategies Technologies Trends, presented this year, the consulting firm indicates that by 2026, companies that have adopted AI engineering practices will outperform their peers by at least 25%.

Far from Deep Blue, Watson, and Siri, tools that belonged to the (so-called) discriminative AI – algorithms that distinguish between different types of data in search of a result – we are facing a new era of AI advancement: generative.

Initially, AI was based on supervised machine learning, using machine and deep understanding, which is ideal for analytical tasks, such as image recognition.

Generative AI is very different from unsupervised machine learning. This new class includes tools in categories such as photography, creative writing, design, and music, among many others. 

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AI that grows communication

Recently, dozens of tools have appeared that use AI to communicate in different formats. Undoubtedly, this reality will change the communication and marketing industry as we know it today.

Here are some of the already available apps you can blend into the daily work of communication teams. It is critical to study them before to correctly understand which of them best adapt to the strategic needs of each organization.

ChatGPT: the leading AI

ChatGPT, the AI developed by, is setting the trend, crossing new boundaries daily.

The following are just some of the applications and advantages it can bring to day-to-day communication:

  • High-quality content generation: ChatGPT is trained with current information and can generate coherent, well-written content according to the needs of each particular organization.
  • Personalization: ChatGPT can customize the content generated based on the target audience and specific subject matter.
  • Time savings: ChatGPT allows communication professionals to spend more time on strategic tasks by automating content generation.
  • Improved efficiency: By generating content faster and more efficiently, ChatGPT helps enhance the efficiency of content creation for business communication.
  • Accessibility: ChatGPT is easy to use and does not require specialized technical knowledge, which means professionals can use it from different departments and levels of experience.

ChatGPT reached 100 million monthly active users in January 2023, just two months after its launch, making it the fastest-growing application in history. It is an impressive figure showing the significance and impact it will drive shortly.

AI for all

Artificial intelligence is growing, providing innovative solutions in different professional fields. Here are just a few of them:


These visual creativity tools generate powerful and versatile images by introducing text slogans.


Can produce all types of corporate content, in seconds, with great precision and effectiveness.


Generates SEO-optimized blog posts.


Writes sales emails.



From text generates videos with images, voice-over, and music.


Creates videos from text, with the possibility of adding virtual avatars.


This application transforms texts into animated videos.


  • IBM‘s Deep Blue supercomputer beat world chess champion Gari Kasparov in 1997.
  • In 2011, IBM’s Watson appeared, a computer capable of learning as it works and accumulates information that can interact with human language in natural speech. Watson learns as it interacts with the user.
  • Also, in 2011 Apple introduced the Siri virtual assistant into the iPhone 4S cell phone.
  • 2012 Google presented its virtual assistant, Google Now.
  • In 2014 Microsoft introduced its virtual assistant, Cortana.
  • 2017 AI’s Libratus algorithm, developed by Carnegie Mellon University, beat the best poker players in a US casino. 
  • AI settled in essential sectors, producing relevant advances in autonomous driving by Tesla or Audi, among others, in 2018.
  • 2020: the pandemic also favors AI advances in the field of Health. Automated thermal sensors are used or applying Big Data tools for the early detection of zero patients and controlling contagion sources.
  • Towards 2024: IoT and voice-controlled devices will increase, not only in the domestic sphere but also due to the growth of their implementation in offices and work areas.
  • AI is estimated to generate over 300 billion dollars a year in business by 2024.

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