It is often a solution that the IT industry chooses to be assertive and reduce costs.
A trend that is beginning to emerge in other industries. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about Staff Augmentation.

What is Staff Augmentation?

It is a strategy to add value to your organization by flexibly hiring specialized people. In some areas, this strategy is also called “implants.”

The concept of “Staff Augmentation” was born in the IT industry, where short and medium-term projects that require individual profiles with particular competencies, skills, and experience tend to appear.

Oxean provides the Staff Augmentation service, making all the administrative and recruitment work available. We take care of the search, selection, hiring, mentoring, and fine-tuning of the person’s role.

Staff Augmentation

Meanwhile, the company will incorporate new people into its team, assigning their responsibilities and setting their objectives.

Staff Augmentation can be hired for a specific period or a specific project.

Differences with traditional outsourcing

You may be wondering what the difference is with outsourcing. In this service, the project management and the product delivery are in the provider’s charge. Therefore, it is the main responsible for the results. 

IT companies usually hire outsourcing when they do not have a team with experience developing software with the needed features or if the in-house engineering team cannot provide it.

However, Staff Augmentation provides much more added value. Here are the advantages.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation has several benefits for companies that wish to incorporate it into their business strategy:

  1. Increased efficiency and productivity
  2. Increased project scalability
  3. Cost reduction
  4. Having a highly specialized team
  5. Reducing the effort invested in recruitment

1. Increased efficiency and productivity

The person with expertise and qualifications has permanent mentoring before and during their incorporation into the team or project.
The organization has the possibility of having a specialized person immediately focused on the project; this reduces adaptation and training times.

2. Increase the scalability of projects

The equation is highly favorable; with less margin for error, projects start up faster, impacting the results positively.

3. Reducing costs

The Staff Augmentation model has several points that effectively reduce costs:

  • Hiring the person for a defined term. 
  • Reduce the administrative expenses involved in full-time hiring. 
  • Save costs and time in the search, selection, and mentoring of the person to be hired.

4. Having a highly specialized team

We know how difficult it is for companies to find talent. Staff Augmentation is a service dedicated to an agile and efficient way to find a specialized person in a short time.

5. Reduce the effort invested in recruitment

Your company focuses on the core of the business, leaving in our hands the administrative and recruitment tasks related to the incorporation of personnel.

At Oxean, we are specialists in Staff Augmentation, a service that can make a remarkable difference in your business.

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