Thinking about the upcoming months, we delve into the transformations and challenges that make a difference within the Internal Communication and organizational context.

In this article, we will share concepts we have been anticipating from Oxean and the trends that Staffbase, a CI app, published in its blog.

Without IC, no change is possible

While it is no news that Internal Communication is a key factor in the success of any change process, more and more company executives and CEOs understand that the ability to communicate strategically significantly impacts the design, implementation, and sustainability of these changes.

On the other hand, the IC area represents a great ally to all teams, not only at the management level. Hence, Internal Communication can make change visible and manage employee response.

Staff Augmentation

Also, executive support is needed to develop a shared vision of a particular issue and gain the trust of employees and middle management.

Here IC can provide assistance and training to empower them to communicate change processes appropriately

Streamlining complex processes

Within the BANI context, Internal Communication is a crucial element for every company.

Today, making the right decisions has become more and more complex. An increasingly large number of variables to account for within corporations makes establishing business priorities, conflicting interests, and dilemmas grow difficult. It has become truly challenging to maintain an overall vision.

Therefore, Internal Communication appears as the best opportunity for complexity reduction, trending strongly in 2023, helping to regain control over complicated structures.

Centralized IC tools such as apps and platforms are a valuable resource and a way to unite channels and simplify messaging. From a central room, all messages are transmitted, avoiding miscommunication or contradictory information.

Complexity can certainly be mitigated with a well-thought-out topic architecture and centralized communications control.

Are you familiar with Analytics?

As we have already mentioned, tracking IC actions helps us improve. Analytics and Data Intelligence allow us to manage effectively by providing feedback to all processes.

Statistics and analytical data serve two supporting functions in IC:

  1. They help verify the effectiveness and sustainability of actions. Increased use of dashboards and identification of metrics demonstrates how well action plans are being adopted. 
  2. By 2023, IC will help communicate metrics to decide enterprise-wide strategies. 
  3. On the other hand, IC must provide contexts that help executives understandably communicate complex issues.

Interaction between areas

After the crisis unleashed by Covid-19, 2022, the different areas began to join forces and share projects.

And on this path, the different departments increasingly understand how IC helps to maintain sustainable and effective communication.

In particular, the people area aims for constant support from Internal Communications on employee experience issues. Likewise, the IT area seeks assistance with the rapid digital transformation processes.

Internal and external communications continue to grow as one

This is a trend that has already been gaining momentum and will definitely end up being fully installed by 2023. Internal and external communications must align their messages for all target groups. It is required a well-thought-out strategy and its joint implementation.

The boundaries between internal and external employer branding have always been fluid. But the new formats, tools, and channels at your disposal demand a continuous conversation about core messages.

The boundaries between internal and external employer branding have always been fluid. But the new formats, tools, and channels at your disposal demand a continuous conversation about core messages.

This collaboration is vital in day-to-day events, especially in the BANI context. The internal and external communications teams will continue to work together to react to external events sensitively and informally.

Artificial intelligence's growing influence

Artificial intelligence apps can revolutionize the way companies communicate internally. 

With AI tools, it is possible to automate repetitive tasks and have more efficient and personalized conversations with teams. 

In addition, AI can also analyze data and trends to help organizations improve their internal communication strategies and better understand their audience. 

 Among the main uses of AI, we can find:

  • Chatbots: they can be used to serve employees and answer frequently asked questions in an automated way.

  • Virtual assistants: can help employees schedule meetings, send emails and perform other administrative tasks more efficiently.

  • Data analytics: AI tools can analyze large amounts of data to help companies identify trends and make informed decisions.

  • Machine translation: AI applications can translate text and audio in real time, facilitating communication between employees from different countries and cultures.

  • Content personalization: AI applications can analyze employee habits and preferences to personalize communication and improve the employee experience.

In short, AI can significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Internal Communication.

Mental health and digital well-being, priority issues

Employees are increasingly affected by global events. Fear has not diminished after the Covid-19 crisis, rising inflation, and the ongoing war in Ukraine. It will continue to be essential to consider mental health when doing any future IC planning.

The digital transformation teams were subjected to in the wake of the pandemic, which continues to deepen, has caused much great stress. Learning to use and integrate new digital tools into the work routine led to digital overload. 

strees atencion al cliente

IC has a great mission regarding sharing suggestions, disseminating tips for good use, time management and organization, and active breaks.

The positive side is that it is no longer taboo to take care of our mental health and provide concrete advice on how they can learn to deal with digital overload.

People and new technologies at the center of decisions

Undoubtedly, 2023 will be a great year to take all the positive things we at IC have been incorporating by deepening good practices and always focusing on people and their needs because, ultimately, the climate and health of organizations depend on them.

Interaction between areas, attention to needs, new technologies, artificial intelligence, and the revaluation of Internal Communication as a critical area within any company will set the course for this year.

At Oxean, we are ready to accompany your organization in 2023.

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