In this note, we will explore the “E” of ESG criteria: the environment. We will see how Internal Communication can promote a culture and a policy that aims at a positive environmental impact.

Sostenibilidad ambiental

In today’s business world, environmental sustainability has become a pillar. Global companies are taking significant steps to address environmental challenges and contribute to a more sustainable future.

According to the Global Biodiversity Framework adopted in December 2022 at COP15, achieving sustainable growth requires better integration of environmental, climate and development measures. In addition, better management of natural resources, environmentally friendly fiscal policies, greener financial markets and effective waste management programs are needed.

The role of business

Businesses play a critical role and have a huge responsibility in reducing the environmental impact of their operations.


Environmental care is one of the three ESG criteria (social and governance are the other two) addressed by companies. In this context, internal communication plays a crucial role in connecting teams and spreading the culture of sustainability.

The Importance of Environmental Sustainability

ESG criteria are shaping today’s business landscape. In particular, the environmental component addresses the responsible management of natural resources, the reduction of carbon footprint and the promotion of sustainable practices.

Companies that take proactive steps in this regard not only fulfill their ethical obligations, but also prepare themselves to thrive in an increasingly environmentally conscious world.

Today, consumers are more informed and choose products that have a minimal impact and whose companies develop strong environmental care policies.

Internal Communication as a Driver of Change

Effective internal communication is the cornerstone of any organization. It also plays a critical role in integrating environmental sustainability into the corporate culture. This is where change begins.

How can you make a positive environmental impact through internal communication? Here are some key strategies:

  • Set clear and measurable goals: this provides a clear framework for sustainability efforts and makes it easier to communicate achievements.

  • Encourage active participation: through creative campaigns and inspirational messages, you can motivate your team to contribute to the company’s environmental initiatives. Events, workshops and activities can be organized to encourage awareness and participation.

  • Transparency and accountability: Internal communication should include regular reporting on progress toward environmental goals. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to transparency and provides employees with a sense of ownership and co-responsibility.

  • Innovation and sustainable technology: the adoption of sustainable technologies and practices in internal communication is important. This shows employees that the company is at the forefront of innovation in sustainability and can motivate them to contribute innovative ideas.

Environmental sustainability is a global imperative and companies have an essential role to play in this transformation.

At Oxean, we can support your organization and enhance your ESG efforts, highlighting environmental achievements and fostering a culture of sustainability among your employees through an innovative and creative IC strategy.

Together, we can promote internal communication committed to environmental sustainability.

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