The trend of hiring senior talent is revolutionizing the business world. Greater diversity in the teams, great experience and low turnover are some of the characteristics that encourage the people area to hire those who are over 40 years of age.

An inevitable cultural change

In some countries, such as Spain, Uruguay, Germany and France, the State is encouraging the hiring of people over 45 years of age. This is evidenced in a recent July 2023 report by Chile’s Parliamentary Technical Advisory. However, beyond public policies, the private sector is also embracing a paradigm shift. Valuing and nurturing senior talent is no longer an option, but a necessity.

This is happening due to an improvement in the quality of life of people who delay population aging, low birth rate, fluctuations and high labor turnover that in many cases occurs in the Y and Z generations. All this makes the over-45s an attraction for the labor market.

Sound decisions

Scientific evidence suggests that older people, especially in their 50s and older, have advantages in decision making compared to younger people.

What are the reasons for these advantages?

  • Over time, people accumulate a greater amount of experience, which provides them with a wide repertoire of situations and solutions that they can apply to new decisions.
  • They may have a greater ability to reflect on decisions, considering the long-term implications and possible consequences.
  • With age, some people may develop greater emotional stability, allowing them to make decisions in a calmer and more objective manner.
  • Over the years, people may develop effective problem-solving and coping skills.
  • In some cases, older people may be less likely to make impulsive decisions based on momentary emotions.

In addition, as we age, the harmony between the left and right hemispheres of the brain allows us to tackle complex problems, fosters creativity and clarity of thought.

Shifting the diversity paradigm

Ageism is an issue that companies are focusing on. Not only in marketing and advertising pieces, but also within the company.

Diversity and inclusion policies include practices aimed at reversing stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination against people because of their age.

Companies take note that betting on generational coexistence increases the possibility of having diverse perspectives, forming more creative teams and boosting innovation.

Value of Continuous Learning

The capacity of people over 45 today is not the same as it was twenty years ago. Professionals have had to adapt to a new reality that requires new skills, a long life learning mind-set.

At Oxean we provide customized training for companies so that their employees have innovative tools and are at the forefront in management, internal communication, talent, artificial intelligence, among others.

Personal branding and professional reinvention

Professionals over 45 understood the need to nurture their personal brand through social networks such as LinkedIn. Sharing valuable content with the work community can contribute to positioning themselves with a prominent profile.

For the Staff Augmentation service, this type of profile is sometimes highly valued in certain positions that require flexibility, expertise and a track record that proves the knowledge, competencies and skills required for the position.

employer branding talento

What are the benefits of hiring senior talent?

Hiring professionals over the age of 45 brings multiple advantages:

  • Experience and knowledge accumulated over the years.

  • Job stability and greater commitment.

  • Generational diversity that enriches your company’s perspective and approach.

  • A continuous learning mentality and adaptability to new technologies.

  • A wide network of professional contacts that can benefit the company.

At Oxean, we are ready to help you in the search and selection of +40 profiles and provide training to your teams.