Podcasts have become an indispensable resource in the Internal Communication content strategy to communicate news from different areas, provide knowledge, train your teams and motivate your sales force from a close, didactic and practical place.

Audio on the rise

At the beginning of 2020, a new social network was born at the height of the pandemic. Unlike the previous ones, this was audio-only. We’re talking about Clubhouse, a new voice-based application, an extension of podcasting with audience participation. Some consider it as a sound Twitch or a Discord mixed with LinkedIn.

The launch caused quite a sensation, not only because influencers related to Silicon Valley and some Hollywood stars (Drake, Jared Leto, Ashton Kutcher, and Oprah, among others) began to use it at the beginning, but also because of its exclusivity, since access to this great conversation was by invitation only.

But what highlights the fact that audios are gaining prominence, once again, is that podcasts and audios are becoming more than relevant for companies in their external and internal communication strategy.

Podcast for your teams

We will surely hear ourselves say in a few years: “the pandemic did it.” The thing is that, within this context, Podcasts took great relevance and consolidated within the content strategy of brands.

Also, it is beginning to be seen how this type of content can become the star product to connect with the team, publicize new projects, provide relevant information for the day to day, or deliver a service to the people who work within the pursuits of the company.

Anytime, anywhere

The home-office or hybrid schemes have opened new communication and content consumption spaces.

Listening to valuable content while doing other activities at home, such as cooking, cleaning, or any other task that does not require too much attention, is an excellent opportunity to consume podcasts. Also, that applies when moving to the office in some means of transportation.

Find the voice of your company

Each type of content has its particularities. And podcasts are no exception to this rule. In the same way, we use the design for graphic pieces; your company will have to design the sound branding.

Everything must be thought, planned, and produced from the tone of voice that will impregnate each podcast, the music accompanying the openings to the closings and the separators.

Benefits of integrating podcasts into Internal Communication

In today’s context, organizations need to capture the attention of their teams. Therefore, new formats such as podcasts become essential allies.

Among the benefits of introducing podcasts to the internal communication area are:

At Oxean Cross, we produce podcasts for all kinds of usage, thinking about enhancing the strategic objectives of internal communication and generating closeness with people.