The end of the year invites us to make balances, to evaluate what worked and what did not. In this article, we invite you to look back at IC, which undoubtedly played a leading role in 2021.

Calming the waters of uncertainty

Twelve months ago, there was still no clear picture. Beyond the reality that countries were going through concerning the pandemic, companies had to continue adapting.
In the northern hemisphere, openings began, and companies were already planning their return to the office.

However, organizations still could not see the horizon in the southern latitudes due to the low vaccination and the high number of COVID 19 cases.

In both cases, the Internal Communication area played a leading role. It was at the service of guiding teams union, providing certainty about new measures, and installing the organizational culture in hybrid schemes.

Content, the king of Internal Communication

What had started timidly before COVID 19 was installed during 2020 and consolidated throughout this year.

The Internal Communication area of large companies quickly understood that they had to have a solid content strategy to respond to the continuous changes.

Attractive content, in different formats, branded and in the tone of the voice of the brands and/or companies, were the stars in this challenging context.

At Oxean, we accompanied several of our clients to:

  • communicate prevention measures for the return to the office through billboards,
  • train teams remotely through videos,
  • maintaining attention at hybrid events with attractive presentations,
  • Consolidate the culture through podcasts development, including interviews of interest to the people who work in the company.

On top of the trends

The digital transformation has also affected Internal Communication. Changes accelerated within the incorporation of technology and the integration of multiple trends such as:

All with the firm purpose of improving the performance of the people area.

Promising horizons

At Oxean we always like to see the glass half full. We are convinced that everything we have sown in the last time will flourish in shared projects with a common goal: to consolidate the work teams of the companies to have an impact on business.

We would like to thank all our clients.

Here’s to a 2022 full of shared projects!

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