Social media is constantly evolving to optimize the user experience and allow brands to captivate their audiences.

These following 4 trends in Social Media Marketing are growing strongly this year.


#1. Social Shopping: Instagram Shopping & Facebook Marketplace


Since 2018, Mark Zuckerberg’s media enabled brands and entrepreneurs to integrate their own online shop in Facebook and Instagram.

These shop posts allow clients to imagine themselves with the product, see how it works, access relevant information to determine if it is interesting or not, and reach the point of purchasing it without leaving the networks.

And, what is more: according to data from the site of Big Commerce, with the implementation of Instagram Shopping, some brands have had an increase of 1.416% in their traffic and almost 20% in their income.

#2. Videos are still on the podium


This year will be the year of visual. According to Entrepreneur magazine, videos will represent 80% of all Internet traffic. Therefore, 1 in 3 advertisers choose this resource to advertise their products and services.

Always at the forefront, networks offer numerous tools for brands to generate this type of content: IGTV, Facebook Watch, Facebook Live, stories and Instagram live, among others.

Within this trend, some are growing stronger: live videos.


The interactivity of a live video makes it a powerful tool for brands to get involved with their audience and strengthen the relationship with their followers.

In addition, the authenticity of the live broadcast awake confidence and loyalty towards the brand.

#3. Chatbots

This customer service resource is constantly expanding and improving. According to the marketing specialist, Michael Tasner, it is estimated that by 2022 the chatbots will help companies save more than 8 billion dollars per year.

Which are the main advantages?

They are useful for answering repetitive and general questions of clients, for example: “When will my package be delivered?”, “Where are the offices located?”.

They can also be used to schedule sales appointments and help make purchases.

Of course, according to Tasner, while they are super efficient, chatbots still fail to replace human conversations on more complex issues. “They help a lot, but they are still evolving and improving,” clarifies the Forbes expert.

#4. The ephemeral content ahead

People use the mobile phone for (almost) everything, but the attention assigned for each activity is getting shorter and shorter. That’s why ephemeral content such as Instagram stories are a success and they are leaving static content of the feed in the background.

Companies should start paying special attention to their stories and consumption “at the moment”, when it comes to viralizing information.


Which other trends of Social Media Marketing have you seen so far?