Co-creation with each client and the incorporation of new trends are two central axes in understanding internal communication. We offer internal communication workshops designed for the needs of each organization: both for the present and the challenges of the coming years.

Staff Augmentation and Decentralized CI Model

Two trends are gaining momentum and setting the course in internal communication. One is Staff Augmentation, a strategy that adds value to organizations’ teams by hiring specialized people temporarily.  

The other trend is internal communication based on a decentralized model. In this case, each area of the organization generates specific content aimed at internal audiences. 

These trends lead the way for the most innovative companies, promote the employer brand, attract talent, and generate employee engagement.

Why a workshop on Internal Communication?

Correctly implementing these new trends requires commitment and training in the internal communication areas of each organization.

It is a new way of thinking about the role of the area and the professionals that make it up. A new model that, of course, brings great challenges.

The internal communication of the future is already becoming a reality. Our role is to provide guidance from experience, think strategically, and incorporate creative resources.

A change of era. Change of style.

The objective is to achieve close, dynamic, entertaining, and spontaneous internal communication in line with the style generated by social networks and digital marketing.

aprendizaje y comunicación

Short time, need to attract attention, new formats.
These three points are the keys to achieving assertive communication and that the messages reach your audience promptly.

The workshop created by Oxean includes the following:

  • Generating a monthly content agenda would allow your team to plan for the year and establish space for juncture content requiring flexibility and spontaneity.
  • Understand how to plan, establish the content that will be disseminated up to the creation of sections or themes, and determine hashtags that simplify the decoding of messages for the audience and the possibility of sharing the content.
  • Incorporating copywriting, design, and animation tools solve the realization of the different contents.

Turn your team into great content creators!

The style of Tik Tok and Reels, which are becoming increasingly popular, manage a relaxed, attractive, and dynamic form of expression. These formats can be an excellent alternative for leaders, managers, and even area managers when communicating news. Or even for team members to make themselves known.

The first step is to explore the most appropriate options for your team’s needs. Then, together with each client, we determine which area we should focus on, planning, strategy, content creation, copywriting, design, or animation, among the main items to take into account.

The workshop considers incorporating agile methodologies, thinking the team dynamics, and the need for organizational transformation to add real value.

Make Internal Communication take off in 2023!

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