We can already see the horizon. With the digital transformation of processes and the adoption of digital tools, which undoubtedly accelerated during the pandemic, the post-digital era has arrived.

Communication for the post-digital age

The boldest companies (e.g., the risk takers and early adopters) are incorporating exponential technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and quantum technology that are driving change at an accelerated speed.
Arguably, that’s what the future holds for us all but some of the boldest companies would tell you the future is already here).

And this acceleration of the business also has an internal counterpart. Here, however, processes tend to be slower and there is often resistance in the face of the unknown. The reason is quite simply because organizations are made up of people.

How do we ensure that our teams move forward alongside technological innovation?

The most innovative companies understand that this technology must go hand in hand with an increasingly human vision, seeking consensus and collaboration among teams, through their integration and participation in analysis, processes, and decision making.

From the obvious to playing the agility game

On the other hand, the context has changed radically. Remote teams. Hybrid teams. Information saturation (messages and channels). Attention economy. We all know the problem. However, there is an urgent need to find appropriate solutions to break the inertia of disconnection.

Agility can help us rebuild an environment in which messages arrive in a timely manner, dialogues flow between teams and the channels enabled are exclusively those that have been accepted and appropriated by employees.

Discovery, is an approach that opens a gateway to the incorporation of a new way of doing business, of interacting, of generating spaces to learn about weak points and/or specific needs and seek solutions.

Unlike an organizational assessment, provided by a consulting firm that takes a picture based on large surveys of the staff of your organization (and usually includes an action plan), at Oxean Cross Internal Communications, in alliance with Wise Work, we will accompany you in the process of implementing Discovery to discover continuous improvements and gain efficiency and productivity.

Is Discovery for my company?

According to the Technology Vision Global 2021 report by Accenture, “91% of executives agree that capturing tomorrow’s market will require their organization to define it.”.

Therefore, we suggest moving forward with Discovery if your organization needs to:

How do we do it?

We form a unit together with leaders and teams of your company. We are committed to the development of competencies because we understand that this is the way to generate a solid culture that embraces change.

 The Discovery approach includes agile methodologies and tools; executive coaching and mentoring; disruptive rituals, meetings and events that generate interest and commitment, as well as communication campaigns where all voices are represented.

Four cross-cutting axes guide the whole process:


  • Agile Methodologies: we identify pain points and co-create experiments to fine-tune the process until we design customized solutions. In addition, we combine “Quick Wins” with an integral and systemic approach that enables the path toward the desired long-term vision.
  • Data-Oriented: we work with digital tools that provide reliable information and continuous reports on the impact of the actions taken.
  • Competency Development: we help to discover weaknesses and opportunities for improvement, as well as success stories to strengthen communication and be more competitive in the digital era.
  • Multidisciplinary Approach: we adopt a systemic approach and integrate specialties such as Business, Culture, Technology, and Communication.

The future is today. Companies need to work on methods that allow rapid flexibility to change, integration of their teams in decision making, incorporation of a permanent iteration approach, identification of those pain points to seek solutions at each step, and work at the level of culture and long-term vision.

Is your company ready to embrace the change?

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