In the year 2024, global internal communication presents itself as both a challenge and an opportunity. Oxean, as a leading agency, shares its unique people-centric perspective and ability to embrace cultural diversity around the world.

Understanding the transformation scenario

In a world of constant change, companies face the constant challenge of expanding and communicating transformations to diverse internal audiences. This involves overcoming not only logistical challenges, but also cultural barriers to ensure effective internal communication.

"We have a history of being a global internal communications agency. We work in several countries in different continents and this gives us the experience to understand and adapt communication projects to different cultures, companies, ways of working and industries. Our empathetic and creative ability to understand people and to generate appropriate content, thinking about the place where we are going to communicate, sets us apart."
says Ariel Herrera, Founder, Board Member and Executive Vice President of Oxean.

Global internal communication challenges

Internal communication is crucial for organizations, but in global companies, a strategy adapted to cultural differences, communication styles and perceptions that vary between countries is required. What is acceptable in one culture may be misunderstood in another. Addressing these challenges is essential to deliver consistent and effective messages across all company locations.

Desafíos de la Comunicación Interna a nivel global

The ability to cross borders

"Having multidisciplinary and bilingual teams makes it possible for us to work for any company in the world. It no longer matters if the people are in the United States or in Europe. Thanks to the reach of technology, we work with the same dedication, passion and rigor, interacting with total proximity",
explains María Mosquera, Oxean's Global Accounts Director.

One of the key strengths lies in the ability to understand and respect global corporate cultures. It’s not just about “translating” material, but about getting into the heart of each company and understanding its values, work ethic and vision. This involves a collaborative approach involving local teams and experts to tailor communication strategies that resonate authentically in every corner of the world.

Comunicación Interna Global en 2024: Tendencias y Desafíos

Thinking from another perspective

"Thinking globally means having a much broader perspective. We, as an internal communications agency, for example, are currently working for a client in Switzerland, our support team is in Italy and we lead the project from Argentina",
María tells us.

At Oxean, we have a team dedicated to global clients, from account management, to content creation, creativity, design and video production.

Looking for customized answers

"We are receiving inquiries from potential clients from Latam, USA and Europe. It is really very enriching the dialogue that is established and the type of needs they express to us. In all cases, we have to interpret what similarities we find with the organizations we know and what differences arise, taking into account that the characteristics of that particular client and company are added to those of each country and culture",
says Diego Caggiano, Oxean's Head of Content, who adds that
"what we see as a strength is that by working with global companies since forever, it is possible to understand many of the issues they raise with us, which allows us to propose creative and customized solutions."

Proximity with international reach

We know that it is essential to provide reliable answers, to have a close relationship and to manage factors that are always present, such as time differences and different geographical locations.

culturas corporativas globales

As companies continue to expand around the world and face permanent transformations, the need for effective global internal communication becomes even more crucial.

At Oxean, we are not only responding to this challenge, we are leading the way to new frontiers of innovation and cultural adaptation.

If your company needs to strengthen internal communication at a global level, don't hesitate to contact us!