High Agency summarizes the essence of a proactive and determined life, overcomes obstacles, cultivates leaders, is like a beacon for success and fulfillment in both your personal and professional life and empowers teamwork to achieve set goals.

What is High Agency?

To have High Agency is to have a great capacity for action. This concept is based on the philosophy of taking control of one’s own destiny, and challenging the passivity that often hinders growth and achievement.

As opposed to waiting for perfect conditions or blaming external factors for our shortcomings, it is a mindset that establishes self-reliance and self-responsibility as two key allies.

High Agency Capacidad de acción

High Agency: what is it and why is it important?

Beyond attitude

High agency goes beyond having a positive attitude or being optimistic, it involves consistently and determinedly pursuing your own goals, regardless of the challenges that may arise. It represents true empowerment, where people take full control of their actions and the results they achieve.

How can I promote a High Agency attitude?

The High Agency perspective involves continually opting for action rather than passivity, taking responsibility rather than looking for blame, and seeking growth rather than settling for comfort. It is a mindset that changes the way we pursue goals and our perception of life in general.

actitud High Agency

High Agency Key Skills

The High Agency attitude includes two key skills: creative execution and influential communication.

Ejecución creativa.

Creative execution

It refers to the ability to conceive original ideas, and also to execute them efficiently. This capacity involves fusing creativity with pragmatism, requiring the ability to break down visionary ideas into concrete actions and carry them out with tenacity and adaptability. In other words, not just dreaming but making things happen.

Comunicación Influyente

Influential communication

It is not simply about sharing information, but about motivating others and catalyzing change in them. It requires the ability to communicate your vision persuasively, inspiring and convincing others to join you in your goals. Whether you are a leader managing a team or an individual contributor promoting a new idea, this skill involves expressing yourself clearly, showing empathy, practicing active listening and tailoring your message to your audience.

Highly talented and High Agency people are revolutionary for teams and companies. In our environment, we find highly talented individuals with a low sense of control over their lives. These frustrated talents may occasionally experience success, but in the long run, they often give in to the perceived limitations of the system.

Relationship between High Agency and internal communication

Internal communication plays a crucial role in empowering employees and promoting autonomy at work. When people feel empowered to make decisions and have a sense of High Agency in their work, they are more likely to commit to their responsibilities and contribute to the success of the organization.

On the other hand, effective internal communication can foster this sense of empowerment by providing clarity about organizational goals, sharing relevant information, and providing opportunities for participation and leadership.

Establishment of strategic goals and actions

Internal communication is critical to aligning employees’ individual objectives with organizational objectives. A clear understanding of the company’s goals and how their roles contribute to those objectives better positions them to set personal goals and take strategic steps to achieve them.

Self-efficacy and organizational support

People with High Agency are characterized by self-efficacy, i.e., a person’s belief in his or her ability to succeed. Internal communication can influence employees’ self-efficacy by providing constructive feedback, recognition for a job well done and opportunities for professional development. Also, effective internal communication can create a supportive environment where people feel valued, listened to and motivated to reach their full potential.


Problem solving and overcoming obstacles

Far from seeking perfection, a person with High Agency learns from his or her failures, is not afraid to have them, and if problems arise proactively seeks to overcome them.

Internal communication plays a key role in solving problems and overcoming obstacles in the workplace. When employees face challenges or barriers to achieving their goals, internal communication can provide resources, guidance and support to help them overcome those obstacles.

Colaboradores trabajando juntos en proyectos creativos de comunicación interna

As we have seen, internal communication plays a fundamental role in developing employees’ sense of High Agency, their empowerment and their ability to achieve their personal and professional goals in the workplace.

By providing clear information, organizational support, ongoing and honest feedback and development opportunities, internal communication can contribute significantly to individual and collective success within an organization.

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