The power of employee recognition fosters a positive work culture, boosting teamwork and promoting motivation and commitment. In this article, we tell you how to design a recognition strategy that strengthens the employer brand, culture and organizational climate.

How to reverse low engagement?

Globally, despite remaining at a low percentage, employee engagement reached a record high, according to Gallup s latest State of the World of Work report.

Revertir un bajo compromiso


Motivation and recognition of employees are seen as indispensable resources to generate and strengthen engagement and establish a sustainable bond with the company.

Does your company have a recognition strategy? Are your employees sufficiently recognized? What are the actions that the People area is executing?

The importance of a recognition strategy

In a world where talent is scarce and new generations (millennials and centennials) are looking for diverse work experiences, building a strong organizational culture becomes essential.

motivacion y reconocimiento

Effective employee recognition has proven to be a key driver for improving corporate culture. This strategy not only strengthens employees’ connection and belonging to the company, but also builds bridges across globally dispersed teams, fostering a sense of belonging to a tight-knit community.

Generating motivation

Successful companies undoubtedly recognize the crucial role that motivation plays in job performance. The right recognition acts as a powerful motivator, energizing employees and stimulating exceptional performance.

"Employees are the first brand ambassadors, they have to feel part of the company. There is an intangible, beyond salary and benefits (tangible recognition), which is appreciation, affection and recognition. Companies must keep this in mind to promote commitment and motivation,
explains María Mosquera, Global Accounts Director at Oxean.

Taking care of the work environment

Recognition contributes to a positive work environment. When achievements are celebrated and efforts are recognized, it promotes a work climate where teams feel valued and, in turn, are more likely to contribute in a meaningful way.


At Oxean, as an internal communications agency, we develop customized recognition strategies for our clients. This involves understanding the organizational culture and creating programs that align with the company’s specific values and goals.

Concrete benefits

Motivation and commitment

Effective recognition boosts employee motivation and strengthens their commitment to the company’s mission and values.

Improved work environment

A positive work environment fosters creativity, collaboration and innovation, creating a work climate where everyone feels valued.

Talent reten

Employees who feel recognized and valued are more likely to stay with the company, reducing turnover and saving costs associated with hiring and training.

Actions for effective recognition

Actions and initiatives that can drive recognition include:

    • Effective communication: effective internal communication is essential to ensure that recognition programs are known and understood by all employees.

    • Technology platforms: the implementation of specialized technology platforms facilitates the management and monitoring of recognition programs.

    • Awards: awards are ideal for highlighting achievements, encouraging innovation through contests, recognizing professional careers, distinguishing areas or leaders, or delving into stories of resilience.

    • Measurement and analysis: the definition of key performance indicators (KPIs) helps to evaluate the effectiveness of recognition programs. This allows for continuous adjustments and ensures that recognition is a constantly evolving process.

Strengthening the culture

Well-managed recognition is not only an act of gratitude, but a key strategy for building and strengthening organizational culture. Well-managed recognition is an investment in any company’s most valuable asset: its talent.

El poder del reconocimiento

In a world where connection and motivation are crucial, global companies that embrace and leverage recognition are poised to build organizational cultures that inspire and excel.

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