Creating a positive work environment is an important factor of employees' motivation. Enter and Know strategies for getting an ideal remote work environment.

Work environment is the air we breathe

When we talk about the work environment, we make reference to links between the organization members. Work environment is conditioned for perception, people qualities and company actions.

Work environment can represent between 20% or 30% teamwork productivity. A bad work environment is isolation from people caused by lack of communication. Each person has their own perception about company and teamwork, doing what in the work environment beech distrust in your environment.

What happens if there is an ineffective work environment?

If we detect a low level of work environment effective from your teamwork is because of:

  • Isolation of people caused by lack of communication.
  • Feeling of loneliness on the part of the collaborators, which generates difficulty in making a team.
  • Mistrust of the environment and the organization.

Work environment diagnosis

Be a different tool than assisting a work environment diagnosis with data. For that, we don’t consider one channel input like reality. All information channels, informal and formal, are valuable to know and understand how we are in your company and can make integral diagnosis.

If we said tools, we consider some important points:

  • Each day, more companies are changing your mindset of work environment management. Because it is not effective diagnosis across anual quiz, or other method, and we get outdated results. 
  • Actually, the companies incorporate different tools that help the work environment measure in real time the company and teamwork. 
  • The actual tools are configurable of frequency and number of questions. This is a more dynamic process for employees and we get information in real time. 
  • Also, these tools are applications that we use online or download on our phones. 
  • The information that we obtain is general company mood and each teamwork, and other information about relationship between leader and teams, feedback, and more. 

How to Improve the Work Environment?

For improve the work environment or think about her, we can do follow points:

How to keep a good work environment during remote work?

We offer different suggestions for keeping an effective work environment in your teamwork during remote work.

    • Be attentive to the needs of the team members, both regarding work tools, as well as moods or personal situations.
    • Respect personal / family spaces.
    • Be attentive to the duration of the working day of the people in our team.
    • Hold team meetings to talk about how we are doing, beyond specific projects. This replaces the coffee or hall talks we had in person.
    • Hold individual meetings to give and ask for feedback on a regular basis.
    • Communicate changes of direction in the strategy, in order to be aligned.

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