Art and games go hand in hand at Amo Cartón, a sustainable initiative that comes from Uruguay and that specializes in the manufacture of products from recycled cardboard boxes.

On the eve of the day we celebrate childhood (in Argentina on Sunday 8/15, in Uruguay and Chile on Sunday 8/8, for example) leads us to think how creative-interactive play can serve as a bridge to communicate more and better in a time where we are not only more at home but also when the virtual and the electronic devices are always nearby.

Why? We know that play creates better communication skills

Creativity is fueled through play, and as we have more resources, we can better cope with the changes and evolutions that an uncertain world presents us with.

Currently the challenge for communication leaders has to do with managing to connect various realities and situations in the midst of the changing and often critical reality that we face in a post-pandemic world.

Remote teams, hybrid communication instances, the need for empathy and listening towards all the people that make up a team has become fundamental. And for this creativity is essential.

In this case, noble materials which are intervened with the hands and which involve creativity, become an agent of change: “stimulating awareness of sustainability, the return to simplicity and coexistence with the environment” promotes the integration of families, teams, organizations, tell us from the heart of the brand.

Internal communication events and interactive proposals from recycled material

We wanted to think about how initiatives such as Amo Cartón help us to disconnect for a while from obligations and find within ourselves the boy or the girl who we went.

“I am not a box, I am a toy”

Is one of the themes of the Brand, and with that alone they invite us to dream, to imagine, to meet.

And what better if we do that hand in hand with our children?  Are we capable of finding in the game a way to communicate, to look into each other’s eyes, to tell each other what we want to say?

“The feedback from adults is very positive. They love not only to get out of the digital world and take the kids off the screens, but also to reconnect with what their style of play was when they were kids. Also, the good thing about the proposal is that there are no limits, there are no instructions. The pieces ‘unlock’ the imagination and you can go wherever you want” , says Ana Raab, the Brazilian artist behind Amo Cartón.

The game as an agent of change for better communication

This sustainable design company based in Uruguay is dedicated to the manufacture of playful worlds from recycled cardboard boxes. And we say worlds because they create contexts and scenarios where young and old can communicate, take advantage of and enjoy being present and create situations.

Under the premise of being an agent of change based on education, in addition to promoting family integration and the development of simple, versatile products -away from gender stereotypes- and colorful, always the idea of ​​those who are behind this initiative it is free play.

So in that way Amo Carton promote cognitive development, creative exploration and unlimited curiosity through individual pieces (toys), children’s scenarios, ad hoc development of scenarios for marketing and / or corporate actions, stands, exhibitors and mini-stores pop up a measure, merchandising design.

At Oxean Cross Internal Communication, we believe in challenges, in change, in the ability to adapt and that is why a proposal that would allow us to generate communication actions with sustainable products and concepts was extremely attractive to us.

“Returning to free play is that what we propose and what leads us to permanently generate new lines such as that of the universe, that of cities or dinosaurs. All of them bring parents and children closer together, and even serve as teaching material. In fact we work for educational institutions, corporate clients and individuals ”, completes the artist.

We invite you to learn more about Amo Cartón by visiting their Instagram profile.