Creativity and innovation are increasingly required to attract the attention of people working in organizations. The right choice of formats and channels is, on many occasions, decisive in achieving the objective.

Therefore, in this article, we review each stage of an Internal Communication campaign and its perfect match with the format.

Does format kill creativity?

Make an impact, achieve the wow effect, and capture interest. That would be the premise we start from every time we begin to plan and design an internal communication campaign.

However, although the final objective is fundamental, do we really think strategically about the best format for each stage?

We suggest you review each one and find the format that best suits it.

Launching, hitting the target

Starting from the basis of what story we will tell during the IC campaign according to the objective we’ve set, the launching stage requires power to generate expectation, enthusiasm, and motivation.

Therefore, this stage must incorporate formats that meet certain requirements, such as involving all the people who are part of the company/organization, making them part of the story.

 The importance of a good kick-off

The ideal formats for this stage are:

Internal events require organization and planning beyond the investment; it takes a lot of time and effort. Every detail and supplier follow-up is vital. Therefore, we suggest that if the internal communication area considers this the suitable format, to look for a supplier that can contemplate all these variables, leading the process.

On the other hand, town-hall meetings are ideal for bringing leaders closer to their teams, in a back and forth that can be truly significant to boost commitment.

And finally, videos are always a great resource to impact and tell a story that you will then replicate in the following stages.

Consolidation, the second stage

The incredible digital transformation of the past two years has been an excellent asset to internal communication. Apps, new digital channels, intranet, and internal social networks are great allies of previously applied formats, mainly in marketing.

As the second stage of consolidation and empowerment of the message, several formats are ideal for implementing:

Everything will depend on the channels the company has at the time enabled or, in any case, plan the development and implementation time before the campaign launch.

To maintain motivation and interest, at this stage, we seek the interaction and participation of our employees.

Closing the campaign on high!

We usually put all our efforts into the launch, but the campaign’s closing must have its share of impact.

In this last stage, the ideal is to provide messages that show the campaign’s path, testimonials from people who are part of different teams, interviews with leaders, and dissemination of results.

Undoubtedly, videos are one of the most effective formats at this stage. They can be:

Videos motion Graphics Oxean Cross


Other formats can be practical at different stages, thanks to their versatility, which allows them to be considered effective tools to be applied within the internal communication campaign strategy. 

Announcements, invitations, save the date, teaser capsules, and animated GIFs, among others, can be disseminated through specially developed microsites, digital billboards, and/or the organization’s internal TV.

In every IC campaign at Oxean, we look for creativity applied to the format indicated at each stage to have a Storytelling that tells the story your entire team needs to know.

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