2022 is ending: a year of intense activity that marked the path towards new models and trends in Internal Communication in organizations.
We share different views from the oxeánico team, thinking about what will come in 2023.

A challenging context

2022 showed us something obvious: many things have changed for companies, brands, and organizations. Nothing will be the same anymore, and we must be up to the challenge of the times to come.

But this is the challenge we love to face, which allows us to become more creative and bring out the best we have as a team to respond to a challenging context.

"Returning to full activity gave us back the adrenaline of face-to-face actions. But at the same time,

we saw how an innovative Internal Communication model was being consolidated and adapted to hybrid models,

which require other strategies to be implemented through new channels and platforms. We see how technology joins the need for closeness between people"

said Federico Astiz, Founder & CEO of Oxean Cross.

Undoubtedly, this new reality brought decentralized Internal Communication, incorporating tools companies had to adopt, such as customized apps, internal social networks, electronic bulletin boards, and content adapted to these new formats.

The importance of the link

This year we re-connected again, even more strongly than before the pandemic, enjoying the face-to-face and interacting with virtuality that is here to stay.

Bonding in this new scenario has enormous value.

This year we were closer than ever to our clients, building and strengthening trusting relationships and devising and brainstorming great projects and initiatives. Co-creation with each client is fundamental. I believe it is one of the essential axes of internal communication today and, without a doubt, it will be in the future as well,"

said Ariel Herrera, Founder, Board Member & Executive VP.
And he adds that

"it was a great year of consolidation and more professionalization of our team, with great talents that contributed new ideas and innovation to the requirements of the new scenarios."

A change in style

Another trend that continued – which we are sure will consolidate in 2023 – was an internal communication that increasingly reflects what is happening on social media.

"We see in clients a need to change the style of their internal communication to be in harmony with the times. We must remember that centennials are already part of the ecosystem of organizations.

Today they use other codes, ways of expressing themselves, and even another philosophy of life.

Content creation has to be born from an understanding of this reality",

said Diego Caggiano, Head of Content at Oxean Cross.

Innovation in the people area

The new ways of working (home office, hybrid, etc.) were also accompanied by trends in people management. 

Here, Oxean has started to offer a service that is a trend: Staff Augmentation, which is about attracting talent and managing resources, decentralizing the entire search, recruitment, and training process for special projects or people with specific profiles or communication.

This year, at People, we have built and empowered ourselves as a team,

we continue to strengthen and take care of internal talent, and we added those we wanted to be part of the Oxean Wave.

We worked side by side with a key partner area, such as Operations, and with the team leaders".

Natalia Galucho, Chief People Officer
Nati adds,

"it was a year of facing new projects, with the mind, effort, and heart always focused on the organic growth of our ecosystem."

Boosting internal talent

The interaction between the talents of the internal team is one of the factors that allow us to keep up to date and enhance the services we provide to each client, creating a workspace where each person can develop.

This 2022, we are working on boosting Oxean's capacity so that we can be our best version,

not only in terms of consulting and agency services - of which we are very proud - but also to leverage our purpose of being a learning and collaboration community for all of us who are part of this ecosystem."

tells us Cecilia Cragnaz, Head of Operations,
Without a doubt, 2022 was an incredible year for Oxean! We love what we do and work with passion and commitment, always looking for innovation and following global trends.

We wish 2023 to be full of great opportunities for everyone, strengthening our work model, always at the service of our clients, and surfing this Oxean Wave that never stops growing and going for more!

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