Learn about the trends that will set the pace for internal communication in 2023, driving business strategy and team closeness.

Decentralized IC

The post-pandemic digital transformation empowered teams, allowing everyone to be spokespersons, communicate their initiatives, results, and achievements, and then share them with all areas.

New channels and formats based on social media burst into companies: internal social networks, intranet, digital billboards, and apps,

leading to managing internal communication in a decentralized manner. The dynamics of content generation and publication change: following guidelines and strategic concepts, each area generates its messages and shares them with the rest of the internal network.

Decentralization in internal communication is powerful and will undoubtedly deepen during 2023.

Internal influencers

As in digital marketing, internal influencers are an accurate strategy for building employee trust. 

Beyond their role, hierarchy, and position within the company, some referents and leaders generate trust, are listened to by peers, followed by more junior employees, and are highly respected by managers and CEOs.

If these profiles exist in your company, do not hesitate to create a strategy and invite them to become internal influencers.

Staff Augmentation

Although it is a concept that was born in the IT industry, it quickly spread to other sectors.
Staff Augmentation is a strategy to add value to your organization by flexibly hiring specialized people.

oxean in house Staff Augmentation

At Oxean, we are specialists in Staff Augmentation. We take care of the entire process of search, selection, training, follow-up, and support of professionals for specific projects or areas.

Up-to-date trends

Changes are happening so fast that if your team is informed and doesn’t know about the latest trends, it is likely that, little by little, your company will not be competitive.

From Internal Communication, you can make the global trends of your industry available to your teams, allowing employees to have the knowledge to innovate, be increasingly creative, and propose areas for improvement and new solutions to current problems.

Style upgrade

Gone are those eternal memos, endless CEO notes, or formal communications.

The era of disruptive IC has arrived, where contents take color and are attractive without losing their value, increasingly similar to the contents of social networks such as Tik Tok or Youtube Shorts

The new generations, millennials, and centennials, are used to consuming and generating this content. Therefore, speaking to them in the same language, in the formats they love, and through the appropriate channels is necessary.

In 2023, Internal Communication will be more disruptive and innovative, following global trends.

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