Face-to-face events have gained new momentum in 2022. In companies, the possibility of a reunion is more enjoyable than ever. Although they initially returned with hybrid schemes, organizations are already planning 100% on-site events to celebrate the end of the year.

All together

With designs centered on people, their needs, and tastes, events during 2022 focused on motivation and hope that emerged from the possibility of meeting again.

While at the beginning of the year, events maintained a hybrid model, mainly to incorporate people in other locations, more and more often, fully face-to-face meetings are getting back.

In contrast to the pre-pandemic scene, the new events are shorter in duration, have clear and very specific objectives, and the topics are truly engaging for the teams.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic and the digital transformation have deeply affected the culture of companies that have internalized the ability to be more organized, meet schedules, and be more efficient, all of which apply now to face-to-face meetings, including events.

Memorable experiences

It seems to be the new mantra we all aspire to fulfill. We seek our collaborators to live a great experience from the beginning to the end of the event. And this has nothing to do with the available budget but with getting to know the people who give their best every day to make the business work and grow.

"We are natural leaders and value teamwork together with the client. In each event, we look for transforming Storytelling. A story told and transformed into an event. For this, we look into the event's purpose, and from there, we generate creative content to tell that story, truly taking the audience into account",
explains Ariel Herrera, Founder, Board Member & Executive VP of Oxean Cross.

The importance of a 360° strategy

Increasingly, companies must have a 360 strategy that addresses the employees’ needs. They are their most important asset.

And in this strategy, events are a pillar that allows players to renew forces, motivate in the achievement of results, integrate the various areas and, above all, thank people! Sometimes gratitude is not taken into account in all its magnitude.

The pandemic required an effort that was difficult to measure for all the teams. Therefore, giving a moment for an honest and sincere recognition is much appreciated.

How do we say goodbye to the year?

At Oxean, we are already starting to plan the events that will close the year with our clients, proving very challenging.

Enjoyment, fun, connection, and empowerment are actions that all teams surely need today more than ever.

"We differentiate ourselves by our conception of teamwork, and we have a 360 proposal in which the client does not need to hire several suppliers. From Oxean, we coordinate all the areas that an event needs, leading and generating a transformative proposal,"
says Ariel.

We are ready to be part of planning and developing your company's New Year's Eve party.

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