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On this note, we want to share more AI tools to continue enhancing Communication in your organization.

Let’s continue with a brief review of different AI platforms! You may have already heard of some of them and need to learn about others. Either way, the best experience is to try them out to see which best suits your communication needs. (Can you see our first article on Artificial Intelligence tools here)

Midjourney: The Revolution of Images

After months in beta mode, MidJourney saw the light in June 2022. And it made an immediate impact.

This AI app that generates images from text is one of the products of Midjourney Lab, “an independent research lab that explores new ways of thinking and expands the imaginative powers of the human species,” as its website explains.

Imágenes generadas por Oxean Cross con Midjourney

The team here is led by David Holz, co-founder of LeapMotion, the VR and AR startup that was bought by UltraHaptics in 2019. Also, Jim Keller (processor engineer at Apple, AMD, Tesla, and Intel and co-author of x86-64), Nat Friedman (CEO of GitHub and president of the GNOME Foundation), and Philip Rosedale (founder of Second Life) are part of the team.

MidJourney is committed to creating well-structured, well-defined images of excellent quality and much more realistic than other alternatives.

Its modality is freemium, with the possibility of designing images for free in a limited way. It has a paid level that includes additional functions, power, and creative capacity.

Jasper: Another Ally for Content Creation

It has been introduced as “The AI content platform.” Jasper has several products developed to make content generation much simpler. 

Among its main virtues, you will find:

  • Boss mode: You can write blog posts, emails, and stories.
  • SEO integration: ensures that you can write content five times faster and optimize with keywords that improve positioning 1 in Google.
  • Chrome extension: you can add the Jasper Chrome extension and take this AI assistant everywhere.
  • And in any language: Jasper can read and write creative content in 29 languages.

Plus, it has a chatbot to generate content on the fly and artwork to create ads, thumbnails, and illustrations.

Namelix: The Naming Solution

This AI platform can now use the naming or brand generation process. Namelix arrived to make this process easier.

The platform generates hundreds of names and brands based on the input of keywords and a brief product description.

It also offers the possibility of including filters: if you prioritize a shorter name, a name with a specific keyword, or a domain extension.

Another advantage of Namelix is that you can save the names you like on the platform, so its algorithm learns and, over time, provides better recommendations.

Lumen5: Pro videos for Brands and Companies

Lumen5 is a platform for generating videos based on presentations, images, icons, and footage provided by the platform.

Its most prominent clients are Salesforce, KPMG, PWC, Merck, SAP, Mitsubishi, and CISCO. Many claims that Lumen5 helped them increase engagement and shorten development and production time. 

It also allows you to automatically convert blog posts into videos or transform zoom recordings into captivating clips.

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