Long distances, different connection accesses, and sensitive projects for public opinion are some of the challenges that arise when working on communication in the mining and energy industry.

At Oxean, we have extensive experience developing projects for these industries requiring careful, transparent, and timely communication.

Trajectory among the energy sector

A long road links us to the mining and energy industries by developing and implementing various communication projects.

These organizations’ common base is that their collaborators are in totally different work environments. They also live their daily work life in very different contexts, from offices in large cities to the most deserted or inaccessible places where operations, wells, or excavations locations.

Community, environment, and people: the main challenges

On the other hand, sustainability and relations with the community and all stakeholders (public authorities, health and educational institutions, civil society organizations, and the community as a whole) are central axes that run through all communication. 

The arrangement of conversations and the creation of communication channels with all stakeholders are part of the daily actions of these industries that usually develop projects sensitive to public opinion.

It is also essential to consider that most collaborators are exposed to extreme temperature conditions, with atypical shifts and different schedules, and work with severe technical difficulties. 

This complexity requires a careful, transparent and timely communication strategy.

Internal communication shortens major distances.

Living the organizational culture, motivating through leadership, and communicating is only possible with a strategic internal communication plan for mining, energy, oil & gas, and petroleum companies.

Transparency, clear information dissemination, and good communication practices are key elements for the company’s reputation, on the one hand, but also for the employees. 

They and their families are part of the community where the company operates. For this reason, the boundary between internal and external communication is extremely blurred, as both run along the same tracks.

Another challenge is that in this type of industry, conflict is often inherent to the sector. Hence, the messages must be accurate to contribute to each crisis’ solution.

Sustainability, safety, operational excellence

The preservation and care of the environment, the safety, hygiene, and health of employees, as well as the rigorous implementation of techniques and protocols, are inherent pillars of these industries.

Good communication practices in each of the actions that represent these pillars are essential and fundamental for the proper functioning of the company and the business.

Each collaborator needs to be informed in time and manner of their performance, to care for their health and colleagues, and to minimize the environmental impact.

Diagnosis and appropriate strategies

A diagnosis is the first step to mapping all stakeholders and understanding the organization’s audiences. 

In addition, having a detailed profile of the collaborators, including characteristics, work mode, access to connection, schedules, and habits (for example, in some rural areas or the interior, they cut off at noon and return after the siesta) will allow defining a large part of the strategy.

These data are critical to determining channels and formats, which messages will reach the entire team through digital media, which will get only some internal audiences, and which will have to adapt face-to-face conversations or training among the plants and the company’s operational locations.

Digital media: the great allies

Undoubtedly, the corporate intranet, the microsite, or the internal social network, manageable from mobile devices, are the best-allied media for this industry.

These channels allow us to democratize information and reach all the company’s audiences with those key messages.

Currently, the intranet has functionalities that allow us to communicate in a very attractive way through various formats, similar to external social networks. They even offer the possibility of employee interaction, encouraging participation and proposing content themselves.

Experience in communications development

At Oxean, we apply all of our experience in the mining and energy industries, creating content that considers the collaborators’ connectivity and the channels through which they communicate. 

Among the most common topics are

Newsletters, videos, and digital developments allow the dissemination of new projects and achievements of the company to content that generates a sense of belonging and organizational culture.

Oxean provides communication solutions to face the great challenge of the mining and energy industries: to generate shared value through communication that integrates and involves all organization members with the ultimate goal of accomplishing common benefits.

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