Internal podcasts can help increase employee engagement. But there are some common errors you should avoid.

In the era of video and images, the podcast is making a comeback, a method that may seem “old-fashioned” to us. However, underestimating the power of the spoken word can be a costly mistake for businesses.
In the field of internal communication, the podcast proves to be an innovative and creative way to engage employees in organizational culture and conversation. It serves to get closer in times of social distancing and to “humanize” messages coming from corporate.

Keys to making an effective internal communication podcast

  • DO establish an ideal frequency – and stick to it!

As is often the case, we start projects with all the energy and enthusiasm.
Note to self: choose a regularity that you can stick to, considering the time required to produce and edit the content. Either once a month or every fortnight, the important thing is that your company will be waiting for the podcast.

  • DON’T improvise for create effective podcast

Plan the episodes in advance. Your goal should be to have a couple of episodes in the pipeline at all times to stick to a regular cadence.

  • DON’T improvise for create effective podcast

Will you be using an interview style format? Or will you stick to a solo style podcast, where you simply speak about the latest company events and news? Will there be multiple guests on each podcast episode? You could do different “series”. For example, you dedicate one to the Sales team, another to the Marketing team, etc.

  • DON’T share it with the world if you want the podcast to be effective for internal communication

If your podcast will be dealing with confidential information, you should choose a platform that allows you to create a private, password-protected podcast.

Once ready, you could include it in a blog or newsletter, send it via email or share it in the internal network.

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