The awareness of health care and wellbeing is increasingly present in the lives of people and organizations. In tune with this trend, we generated an event that allowed people to approach these concepts in an experiential way.


The project was created by our team together with Arcos Dorados.


As an Internal Communication agency committed to innovative content, at Oxean we take on the challenge of generating a live action event where people can make contact with key and strategic factors related to health and well-being.


It was essential for the success of this action that all the Arcos Dorados teams understand the proposal and fully assume it. Therefore, once the general proposal was made, we developed the managerial presentations that involved and motivated the different actors in the initiative.

How was the event we generated?


With a health fair format to generate closeness and attraction, the internal public had a medical trailer, a CPR workshop and awareness activities.

At Oxean we created the script for the event, detailing the step-by-step development of everything that happened at the fair and plotting its dynamics in an integral way.


Our content and production teams worked in a coordinated manner from the moment of initial design until the day of the event. That generated a cross-look that enabled a high impact communication action.


To enhance the scope of the initiative, we continue to work strategically in the post-event through messages in the internal channels that reach all Arcos Dorados employees.


At Oxean we believe that messages go much further when they are linked to an unforgettable experience. That is our way of using Internal Communication to achieve healthier organizations, in all senses.