At Oxean, we set out to share the knowledge and expertise of each Oxean employee. Do you want to know what happened? Don't miss this article because Talento Compartido can be replicated in your organization.

Expanding Talent

We all have a talent. Knowledge, experience, and expertise distinguish us.

And one day, we asked ourselves: What if we shared that Talent with the whole team and empowered ourselves?

And, so Talento Compartido was born, a common space to inspire us, share best practices, and be closer, bringing closer connections between the different areas of Oxean. It is also a space for training in various aspects of communication: strategy, planning, content creation, creativity, design, animation, innovation, and audiovisual production, among other topics.

Shared knowledge

Much more than simple training. It is a meeting that, in addition to learning, allows us to connect, learn about good practices and replicate them. In short, it allows us to strengthen ourselves as a team.

"The idea is that the team enhances its capabilities, and each person finds support within the ecosystem to grow professionally and incorporate new skills,"

explains Cecilia Cragnaz, Operations Strategic Advisor of Oxean Group.

A dynamic platform

Shared Talent is a dynamic platform that includes topics of interest for the entire Oxean ecosystem and specific areas. 

The variety of topics reflects the diversity of our daily work: workshops on design and animation software management, introduction to Artificial Intelligence tools, and mentoring and coaching programs on topics such as consultative selling and team management dynamics.

A space for connection

Additionally, Talento Compartido allows teams to promote their projects. People focused on serving different clients (Arcor, McDonald’s, Natura, Mastercard, among many others) share their best practices so that the whole team is aware of the processes, methodologies, and initiatives implemented in each case and can also apply them to their day-to-day tasks.

This dynamic is highly enriching because it generates new ideas and synergy throughout the team.

Driving innovation

Talento Compartido is an ideal platform for driving innovation and for all areas to get closer to trends and new technologies. 

"A few days ago, we implemented a session to share how different artificial intelligence applications work and provide concrete knowledge of how they work and how we can use them in our everyday work. This is also a way to grow, look for alternative paths and learn about the tools presented by new technologies, always thinking about the quality of creative work and internal communication,"

said Diego Caggiano, Partner, Board Member & Head of Content at Oxean Group.

And most importantly, it is a space to meet and strengthen the connection of the entire Oxean ecosystem.

Would you like to replicate Talento Compartido in your company? Together we can design a similar platform tailored to your organization.

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