After eight months of organizing the McDonald's M5K women's race, we had a great party this Saturday, October 15!

In this article, we tell you all the details of this great project we carried out, organized, planned, executed, and disseminated.

A shared goal

All the effort, commitment, passion, teamwork, and coordination allowed more than nine thousand women (mothers, daughters, friends, co-workers) could share a common goal: to reach the finish line of the M5K race circuit that, year after year, McDonald’s holds out.

This great epic summarizes what we lived from Oxean Group and the Communication area of Arcos Dorados: a 360 event that included the collaboration of our entire team, twenty-five people dedicated to digital communication, planning, an organization with the Runners Club, logistics, plus the pre and post-production of the event.

Get an inside look at how we carried out this great project.

Beginnings of the epic

"Although we started projecting in 2020, since the 10th M5K race could not happen due to the pandemic, in January of this year, we received the graphic as a guideline and starting point of what would be M5K. This was the beginning of this project that we led from Oxean Group, which involved a large part of our team and of which we are really proud",

said Valeria Scherbovsky, Director of Oxean and Director of the M5K Project.

After a long pause of almost two years, the organization of the tenth edition of the most popular race for women in Buenos Aires was starting to see the light of day.

M5K Mujeres en Marcha, Buenos Aires, which took place on Saturday, October 15, required a lot of gear, planning, organization, and sweating the T-shirt!

M5K Strategy

An event of this magnitude required a solid strategy where all the variables were intelligently thought out. We ran precise planning and implementation that fulfilled both to the letter.

Like any other race, the organization that provided the endorsement in the city of Buenos Aires was the Runners Club. Oxean provided all the support for the registration and the follow-up of this process, followed minute by minute.

On the other hand, we liaised with the Club to organize the entire circuit, from the location and installation of the entrance, stage, and stands to the hydration stations.

Communication pillars of M5K

"The M5K is a 5 km race aimed at women who want to run, improve themselves, enjoy and share an unforgettable experience."

Together with Arcos Dorados, we established the communicational pillars of the tenth edition of the race. Our team was in charge of developing and telling the M5K Storytelling through writing, design, multimedia, and audiovisuals that included:

  • All key messages.
  • Digital content and art of graphic pieces.
  • Internal communication through the development of content for Comunidad Cool, and thus encourage women who are part of Arcos Dorados to join this challenge.
  • Calendarization of content and registration spaces.
  • Scripting of the event and hosts.

A narrative that contemplated the power of the race in its tenth edition and encouraged participation and registration.

Organization and logistics

The biggest race for women in Buenos Aires required a great deal of organization, including production and staging, event management, celebrities and security, and even a runners’ clinic for physical preparation.

In addition, Oxean led the coordination of all the event’s suppliers.

Focus on the brand purpose

We are Oxean Cross, and we are convinced that every moment is a unique opportunity to express the purpose of the brands.

Therefore, as an axis that runs through Arcos Dorados, sustainability was also at the center of M5K.

We followed up on the production and logistics of the race prizes: a medal made one hundred percent with recycled soda caps, as well as the prizes for each category and the bottles that made up the kit participants received, as a commitment to reduce the environmental impact.

In addition, we designed recreational spaces for children through motor and sustainability games.

In every detail

"After so many years accompanying Arcos Dorados, we know and understand what our client needs and wants. We took care of every single detail of this incredible project. The back-off was huge. We had to keep our ears and eyes open because there was no margin for error. As in each of our projects, we added value and commitment",

said Ariel Herrera, Founder, Board Member & Executive VP of Grupo Oxean.

This epic had a great closing, with more than nine thousand women who enjoyed completing the goal of reaching the M5K finish line.

We are proud to have put so much effort, head, and heart into this amazing project.

Together we can think about it and make it happen!

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