In an effort to make the McDonald’s brand stand out and put it at the center stage of the summer season, at Oxean we provide content, design, production, support and strategy for each one of the campaign activities in 4 areas: sports, family, sustainability and brand.

• An opportunity

Summer is the best time for branding campaigns, as the consumer is more relaxed, has more free time and pays more attention to different media. McDonald’s wanted to strengthen its bonds with the community and the timing could not be better. What was our challenge? To develop a distinct, long-term proposal with high impact on and presence in social and traditional media.

• What did we do?

We designed a strategy that combined creativity, sports, entertainment, learning and music for all of the Argentine coastal resorts, planning down to the smallest detail and focusing on the four core areas of the campaign.

To that end, we organized:

  • Running and soccer clinics in Pinamar and Mar del Plata. We were in charge of creating the ambience required, and producing gifts (bags, T-shirts and bottles of water for the running clinics; and balls, T-shirts and stickers for the soccer clinics) distributed to vacationers in order to boost the brand.
  • As part of the new Little Happy Box with characters from the movie ‘Sing’, we developed a karaoke app with a high audience engagement in every city. We also handed out selfie frames and masks to encourage people to take photos, strengthening, in this way, affinity with the Little Happy Box.

  • Sustainability workshops. We set up workshops held in four eating facilities in Mar del Plata and Pinamar, as part of the Community Relations program. We produced and put together the sustainability kits distributed in the workshops. They included: an ecological bag with a bottle of water, ID bracelets for children and a Safe Summer brochure (written, designed and produced by Oxean, providing Red Cross-endorsed advice on hydration, skin care, hand hygiene and environmental care).
  • Music shows. We were in charge of the strategic support, production and ambience setup, planning the right concept for every show –and action- to begin in a timely manner.

• Results

High visibility and audience engagement. A total of 770 children attended the workshops held in the coastal resorts.  An ad value of (Argentine pesos) $ 6,102,217 was generated as a result of the media impact of all the activities in the Jan 2017 campaign.

In social media, 4,713,456 people used the hashtag #VeranoEnMc on Facebook and Instagram; and 719,000 people, on Twitter.